Have an Affair with Your Partner


At some point, even the most successful relationships get a little stale. It’s perfectly normal. Relationships evolve and change and you develop new understandings about your partner… that’s what makes them beautiful and STRONG. And although many of us expect monogamy as the norm for any committed relationship, the reality is—it just isn’t. So, instead of getting your needs met elsewhere, why not play the part of the mistress or sexy lover yourself?
The best sex is exciting—for both partners. Here are some ideas for getting an “affair” with your partner going:
1. Start by emailing one another. Create a fake email account and flirt online with your lover and encourage them to do the same thing to respond to you—maybe use that name you gave yourself in French class in high school. Keep it online for a bit. Don’t talk about it anywhere else (this keeps it exciting).
2. Now that you’re both intrigued, set up a “date” for a drink or two. You both will be driving separately to this “date” and leaving separately, returning to your regular responsibilities. Try to keep these dates low-profile and avoid being “caught”…
3. After a few casual “dates” in step number two, take it a little further and meet out of town. At this point, you can try an overnight get-away or maybe even a weekend? Use your imagination and get into it—get a special wardrobe for these trysts, maybe some special panties?
Here are some things to keep in mind once the affair has gone on for a while and you want to incorporate the experience back into your relationship:
• Talk about it! This experience has likely evoked some feelings in the both of you. Figure out what was hot and talk about it.
• Don’t forget to incorporate the other ideas we’ve discussed in our Six Weeks to a Better Sex Life: get out of your sweats and into something sexy, look for ways you can inject pleasure into your daily routine and utilize toys to make foreplay hotter!
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