Getting Out of Your Sweats & Into Something Sexy


Ladies and gents, I have a little bit of radical information to share with you here at the start of our Six Weeks to A Better Sex Life journey. While I want you to be considerate of your partner, what I want more is for you to focus on how to turn YOURSELF on. Seems selfish? Not at all… and I’ll explain!
Ultimately, what you’re doing all day long is what’s going to lead you to a better sex life or kill it altogether. Here’s what I want you to do: look for ways ALL DAY LONG to infuse pleasure into every aspect of what you’re doing. And no, I’m not talking about sexual pleasure. I want you to immensely enjoy your drive to work, your meetings, your interactions with people, your lunch, the ride home, shuffling the kids from here to there, cooking, cleaning, and whatever else it is that you’re doing. Look for ways to make each and every thing better. Play music. Laugh. Enjoy the people you’re around all day long. Live in the moment and be mindful of everything you’re doing and eating. What this is going to do is increase your connectedness to everyone (and possibly make life less stressful). That makes your body secrete hormones that increase your sex drive and lower libido killing ones (the stress hormones). So, light candles! Be silly and laugh with your kids, your coworkers and your mate.
Then, I want you to start dressing sexy. Play the part! We always hear that we should dress for the job we want, not the job we have. Apply that to your sex life. What, in your life, makes you feel the sexiest? The most desirable? Think about it! If it is sexy lingerie, then buy it & wear it underneath your work clothes. Maybe you’re the girl who likes boy shorts—wear them! Make it sexy! Guys, what makes you stand tall and feel desirable? Do you like your partner doing simple things for you? Is it wearing loose-fitting jeans, a three-piece suit, or simple boxers? Whatever it is, do it.

Jamie’s Recommendations:
- or crotchless panties
-DONA Arousing Bath Essence or edible massage candles in a favorite scent