Rekindling The Romance: The Art Of The Most Manly Haircut

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When a man lets himself go he can rekindle the romance in his relationship buy improving his look.

When a man gets married, it is not uncommon for him to let his waistline and his hairline go, quickly dropping the romance in his relationship like a sack of bricks. Any man who wants to restore or rekindle the spark in his marriage and keep his wife coming back for more can look to his hairstyle in order to appear younger, confident, and attractive. There are many different ways to get a Manly Haircut depending on your flow, length, facial features, and how much time you are willing to invest in a cut.

The Mad Men Look

Few manly haircuts have proven more popular over the past five years than those modeled on the hit retro TV show Mad Men. Most of these hairstyles require quite a bit of gel in order to get the slick combing wave correct. Curly hair makes it very, very difficult to pull off the "Don Draper" and is not recommended unless you have a straightening iron and lots of time. For those men who want their hair to look the same all day with no upkeep, you will need quite a bit of pomade to seal the deal. Before using your preference of products, start by trimming the hair on the sides much shorter than on top and slick the top to one side with a clearly defined part. Eliminate sideburns longer than half an inch or so. Once that is done, attack it with pomade until every strand is shiny and glistening, then spray it down if desired.

Peaks And Waves

For any man who wants to stand out the second he walks into a room, peak hairstyles make you look like an artist or a professional soccer player and are sure to draw attention. Most often the peak is complemented by a side crop, where the sides and rear are cut (or shorn) very low, as low as you are comfortable with. Keep the sides low, but leave yourself at least an inch or more on top in order to style it up. Each day you will have to tease out strands with styling gel, so be prepared to invest a few minutes whenever you want the peak style. This hairstyle is not the best for men with a receding hairline, however.

Just Rolled Out Of Bed

As every member of a band knows, it takes a lot of work to look like you just rolled out of bed. This haircut has been around since...well, forever, but has yet to go out of style. For a good bed head you want a medium-long cut on the top and a medium length cut on the sides and rear. Use gel or a water-soluble paste in order to get the waves and flow that mimic the "7:00 AM" look. Curly hair is easier to work with; those men with very straight hair will have to invest more elbow grease in getting a wavy flow. This look will not last more than a few hours, however, so keep some gel on hand to refresh during lunchtime or whenever you get a break in order to rock the bedhead. Avoid shaving for a day or three in order to give the true appearance of a devil-may-care punk rock star.


There are many men who try to pull off a mohawk, but few succeed. The principle is simple: very short on the sides, long down the middle. All the same, however, it takes the right attitude (a combination of "I care not" and "I am great") in order to make the mohawk command respect. Curly hair is perfect for a mohawk since it will stand up on its own; straight hair will have to use a lot of gel to stand up in the face of gravity and wind. Once you have the mohawk haircut in place, your next decision is its style: do you want to color it, highlight tips, or complement it with facial hair or sideburns? This is the big decision one must make with the 'hawk.

Buzz Cuts

Easy, fast, and practical for nearly any situation, a buzz cut always works in a situation where you cannot figure out what else to do. It is an especially great choice in the summer months when longer hair leads to overheating. The haircut itself is simple, since any barber in the world knows how to do a buzz cut backwards and forwards. All you need to do is decide on the length (short enough to see the skin beneath or long enough to show color) and whether you want it even around the top and sides. Leaving your hair slightly longer on the top allows it to grow out into any manner of hairdos in a matter of a few months should you get tired of the buzz look, but keeping it consistent makes it appear much more fashionable. The only problem with a buzz cut is that you have to shave regularly, since even a hint of stubble will show more clearly against your hair. That, however, is all the maintenance this look requires.

Waves And Curls

A head of hair that looks like an ocean during a storm is always sure to attract the attention (and grasping fingers) of women. How you cut your hair will have a big impact on how much styling you can do, and it is not recommended that you leave your hair shorter than medium length on top in order to have a great flow. Naturally curly or wavy hair allows you to have a minimum of maintenance; for those men with hair that is straight as an arrow it will be necessary to do some teasing in order to get the curls to stand up and stand out. Forcing curls, however, is a difficult proposition, and will require re-adjustments during the course of the day. The good news about waves and curls, however, is that it can be complemented by nearly any length of facial hair and still look attractive.

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Jennifer Caughey is a freelance content writer who lives in Toronto, Canada. Jennifer has experience a lack of romance in her marriage and thought this article was a great showcase of her husbands efforts to restore the romance. She has most recently been writing guest posts for Avalon School of Cosmetology.