Does He Still Like Me?


Find out if he still likes you here.

He's Intending to Impress You By His Behavior:

If your former love has experienced a rather abrupt, surprising and pleasant change of heart as of late, it's not without cause. Any significant changes in your ex-boyfriend's behavior are signs that something big or drastic has happened in his life. He's reached a conclusion about something, or one of his plans didn't work out quite the way he had hoped. If your ex seems to be laying the affection and flirtation on thick, then it's because he's finally reached a decision about what he wants for your joint future, and he's realized that he wants to have you back.

Even though he's unlikely to come right out and admit this breakthrough to you, you can tell by the way he acts and the way that he treats you now. See this as a good thing. Flirt back with him. From there, all you have to do is to hang on and enjoy the ride. You're on the correct path to end up right back in his arms again, which is precisely where you wanted to be.

He Wants to Know Where You Stand:

If your ex is combing the above sign with this one, it's a huge sign that things are starting to turn themselves around in a positive direction. Is your ex coming right out asking you if you've been dating since your relationship ended? Does he seem jealous when he can't get ahold of you? If so, it's usually an indication that his imagination is running wild. He doesn't want another guy to take his place, especially if he's already thinking that the breakup is a huge mistake. If your ex is inquiring into your love life and looking for specifics, then he definitely still cares about you, and those emotional ties that were forged during your relationship are definitely starting to resurface.