Love Bytes: The Worst Texts You Can Send After A First Date

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Plus, should you say "I love you" first?

The first date was good enough for a second date. The guy is all amped up on love sauce and possibly a little beer. He wants to let her know that not only did he have a great time but he'd like to have another great time soon. Danger, Will Robinson. The 10 worst post-date texts you can possibly send. VIDEO (my bros Dave & Ethan)

What do you do with a fella who texts too-too much? (ANewMode)

Sure, it was a classic 80s flick but you really don't want to be Just One Of The Guys. Do most guys want a leeeeeel bit of femininity in their romantic interests?  (TheFrisky)

Is saying "I love you" first akin to being the junior partner? (ANewMode)

Sometimes a May-November mixed race couple doesn't want to have sex in a California park and sometimes they do. (Huffington Post)

So what he changed his number and "forgot" to tell you what it was? There are REAL signs that you're heading for a breakup. (Gurl.com)

You're an adult, you can have sex on the first date if you want to and other debunked relationship advice. (TheStir)

Love at first sight? It does happen. (Essence)

Seriously, if Amanda Seyfried believes in it, it must be real. (Tres Sugar)

Want to score with women? Remember these 5 things. (BroBible)

Ladies, you can make an effigy of him and burn it but PLEASE don't send him a DVD with a menacing note and other things not to do after a breakup. (College Candy)

Is it gauche to crowd fund a wedding? Guess who is NOT bringing a gift? (The Gloss)

Is your best friend a best friend forever? Only one way to know for sure. (Gurl.com)

Whoa. What happens when chivalry and equality wrestle over a dinner check? Hint hint: no one gets a boner. (Good Men Project)

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