How My Older Man’s Wife Made It Easy for Me to Sleep with Her Hus

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Easter Sunday had finally arrived. The crowd for the company’s Easter egg hunt was great—we had a huge turnout, and all of the sponsors came through with the finances. My two daughters were lining up to start the egg hunt when a giant Easter bunny appeared around the corner. Little did they know that inside the bunny suit was the boss, Mr. Brown, who also happened to be my older lover. He gave each of my kids a hug and then took pictures with them.

I watched as he passed out baskets and candy to all of the kids who were participating. While the kids were out searching for their eggs, Mr. Brown walked toward me and pinched my rear end as he came and stood in front of me. There were so many people around—including co-workers—and I couldn’t stop blushing, even though the last thing I wanted was for people to find out about our office romance. He then told me that as soon as the egg hunt was over, I was to meet him near the pavilion where the food was being served and he would sit with my daughters and me for lunch.

As we were chatting, I saw the black Cadillac pull up out of the corner of my eye—it was his wife. I wanted to pretend like I didn’t see anything, but Mr. Brown knew what was going on. He told me again to meet him by the pavilion in about 30 minutes. He then walked over to Mrs. Brown, held her hand, and headed towards the office entrance.

I was a nervous wreck. I knew that with her health deteriorating, she wasn’t going to make a scene in front of everyone, especially the children. But I couldn’t help but wonder what they were doing inside.

My kids came running over to show me all of the goodies they got, and quickly started complaining that they were hungry. I told them that we would eat soon enough. I wanted to walk towards the pavilion to grab seats, but I felt like my legs wouldn’t move. My older daughter asked if I was feeling OK, but I told her that I was just hot from working in the heat, and that I would be fine once we sat down.

We got a seat near the back of the pavilion near the fan. The cool air was pretty much the only thing that was keeping me from passing out. The kids started sifting through their candy, and, as I looked around, I spotted both Mr. and Mrs. Brown walking towards me. My oldest daughter turned to me and said, “There’s your boss, mommy!” I couldn’t help but laugh.

Mr. Brown asked if he could talk to me in private for a minute. Mrs. Brown offered to sit with the kids and then winked at me. I was so confused—what was the wink for? Was she hoping that I would ask him about his “mistress,” or was she still suspecting me of being the mistress?

Mr. Brown took me into an office away from the pavilion and shut the door. He told me that he had something very important to tell me. I could feel my heart start to race. I had no idea what was coming next…