13 Reasons Brooks Forester Will Win 'The Bachelorette'

TV Love: 13 Reasons Brooks Forester Will Win 'The Bachelorette'

He's the last man standing. We just know it.

Sure there are four guys left competing for Des' heart, and the all-important hometown visits are still to come (after all, Des knows better than anyone how meeting the fam can give someone a change of heart!). Still, we're pretty confident we know who's got the final rose in the bag—and not just because Des dropped the 'L' bomb when talking about him to Chris Harrison!

That's right, it's our man Brooks Forester. If Des expressing her feelings isn't enough to convince you, here are 13 more reasons we're sure he'll be the last man standing.

Men who look like this in tuxes always get the girl. I mean, you've heard of 007, right?

Her kisses with the other men are borderline boring. Snoooooooooze.

There's probably some unwritten rule that if you make out on top of the 'Hollywood' sign, you must get married so you can tell people the story forever. Right?

He may not have the most gorgeous hair that's ever been on TV, but it's a damn close second:

Arie Jr. isn't an option:

He didn't humiliate her in front of a mayor:

Family means a lot to Des, and Brooks is one of 10 kids!

He marked his territory (with snow) weeks ago:

There's no denying he's there for the right reasons:

There really does need to be a prize for the guy who doesn't cry all the time.  

He broke his finger (badly), had to go to the hospital, and still went back to the group date to spend more time with Des: 

You can't pretend like it didn't happen: We all heard Des tell Chris Harrison she was in love with Brooks!

Did we mention his glorious hair? Because there's really only one way to describe it:

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