Get the Guy Got Me to See the High Value Me

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How the real life Hitch reminded me that I am the prize

Matthew Hussey talks about being a High-Value-Woman and the real-life Hitch for gals emphasizes it so well a woman can't help but date differently. For one thing, Hussey drilled it into my mind not to invest in a man until he shows he is worth that investment. What Hussey means is that it's a mistake to like any man more than he likes you. That approach alone saves alot of time wasting heartbreak.

In the dating game we aren't democratic. In fact, some women allow a man to get away with behavior she wouldn't tolerate usually because she likes him. In his recent video blog about rules and standards, Hussey explains the difference. Rules you can be somewhat flexible with but standard you must never compromise. Think about it. Why is a Mercedes-Benz a highly coveted car? Simple, the company has never lowered their standards for superior German engineering. A 20 year old Mercedes in good condition versus a new model Pontiac, is still the better car with its smooth drive.

Another lesson from Hussey on the male mind is that if I want a man (not a boy) I am going to have to be a woman who makes him feel like a man. It's not a call to dump feminism. Rather, Hussey is giving a new spin on the ancient law of polarity. In physics, certain opposite forces are attracted to one another, while others repell. The negative charge of a battery must meet the positive charge of another for electricity to run. Same with feminine and masculine. The masculine is the action-oriented, take the iniative, comes towards the object of his goals or desires. Two masculine forces will repell or crash into one another. So a woman being the masculine in a relationship will trigger the man to either become lazy or clash with her. Simple physics. However, Hussey emphasizes that being a woman doesn't mean not being proactive. It means being inviting and receptive to a man responding to an invite effectively.

Hussey also talks about core confidence and that attracting love comes down to confidence and not so much technique. At the end of the day it's confidence that will decide whether you allow love in or push it away. Being a High-Value-Woman requires the kind of core confidence that Hussey coaches his clients on at his Lifestyle Retreat. I'm planning to go to one in 2014 and can't wait!

If the Get the Guy book succeeded in giving me the wake-up call I needed to radically change my dating strategy, I can only imagine what the retreat can do. The fact is, people raise their game to obtain a Mercedes. They work extra hard, get an MBA, etc to be in the position to legally and ethnically obtain one. This is a metaphor. If you, as a woman, owned that you are that valuable, and demanded only those who could met you at the level of your high standards, got a date then your dating experiences would significantly alter. It's like the difference between flying in first class and the kind of people you meet there versus taking the Greyhound and dealing with a different type of passenger.