You Know Your True Love Is Close To Finding You When ...

Love, Heartbreak

This past week two separate men I dated suddenly got back in touch

The return of the vanishing act. Two guys, one in San Diego and the other in Santa Barbara, showed up again. I dated Drew Brees look-a-like Jordan in January but I ended things because he was, well, not too bright. A month later I met Aaron who took me out to an art show. He had me at good-bye the second we met. Aaron was a creepy architect from Napa who seemed intelligent and worldly but something was off. I was right. For the entire months of March and April I could not get rid of his constant attempts to get a second date with me. Even blocking him didn't work because he just called from another number. Eventually he gave up. For the record, Aaron had the young Matthew Perry look going for him.

May and June were my LA months. After spending most of the first half of 2013 in Northern California I was jotting down to LA and having fun at the Santa Monica Pier. Met a few people, met a matchmaker who introduced me to a finance guy from Newport Beach, and then found another matchmaker who took me to a mixer in San Francisco. Just before the summer solstice this year I declared that I was done with anyone I ever dated and/or was interested in romantically in the past. My intention was to have a clear heart for the true love, the real one, the forever guy.

So what happens next? Apparently when one is serious about cutting all ties to past loves some of them come back. It's like they heard my psychic call for the real one and both made attempts to get in his way. Or it was the Universe testing my resolve to be released from any one who belongs in the past. This is a great sign! Every metaphysical teacher says that you know your true love is nearby when old loves try to get back in your life. The only thing to do is say no to the past potential and only yes to the new true love. I know it's someone I have yet to meet. Although it has me wondering if I should move to London given my realization that I really am destined to end up with a British/European man.

All I can say is, Jordan and Aaron may have physically looked attractive, but I've known many an Adonis turn into a troll once he opened his mouth. I've also seen the reverse. Presenting oneself like you are ready for a surprise job interview with your dream position is one thing. Being vain and all about looks and style without substance is quite another.