Social Worker to Spiritual Teacher: Following Her Intuition


How Elizabeth Pfeiffer went from clinical practice to teaching people to use their intuition

After Elizabeth Pfeiffer graduated with a Masters of Social Work from Temple University she embarked on a mental health career. Elizabeth specialized in substance abuse and also worked as a writer. Her A-HA moment came when she decided to switch gears professionally and become a coach for people who wanted to create a lifestyle that was more aligned with their values. Elizabeth’s transitioned began in 2000 when her family moved to Pennsylvania. Since then Elizabeth has worked as a mentor for clients who want to incorporate their right brain in decision making and life planning.

"I am spiritual teacher who is teaching people how to align with their inner intuition and use it in their daily life", says Pfeiffer.

Living in the San Francisco Bay Area, it is not uncommon to hear of people who are advocates for the role of intuition in all areas of life. While intuition, or the sixth sense, remains controversial in scientific and clinical circles, there are many advocates for developing it as a person’s primary sense. Elizabeth explains in the following interview how incorporating one’s higher sensory sense, may be helpful for some people.

1. What is the SI2HC Immersion Training all about?

The SI2HC program stands for Shifting Into Higher Consciousness. It is a 7 month program designed to teach you a New way of not only tapping into your Intuition, but how to identify the vibrations/lessons you came here to master. The process helps you identify those lessons and shift them at an accelerated rate of spiritual growth and evolution.

It also teaches the student how to become more self-aware of their own energy and the energies that surround them so you’re not taking on another’s energy as you own. It teaches you how to identify what is yours and what is not and how to release those energies that do not belong to you.

2. The image of a Phoenix Rising from the Ashes is very symbolic of how crisis can be a creative impetus to making substantial positive changes. Can people experience this kind of significant change without necessarily experiencing a life crisis?

The image of the Phoenix was used to represent Transformation. The old ideas that transformation needs to come at a cost, a crisis, or a trauma is an old way of being.  We have used the vibration of the Victim, drama, and trauma, as ways to ignite us into a new way of being (which are not a very comfortable experiences) but now you don’t have to wait for that crisis to occur in order to alter your life. With the mulititude of spiritual practices and programs on the planet today you can CHOOSE to make changes/transform before the crisis occurs.

3. How you define a Hero/Heroine in the context of this training program you have designed?

A Hero/Heroine is a person that has made the choice to break out of the old ways of being for a new more empowered way of living. They have a goal, purpose or vision for how they want to be in the world and are willing to do the work to get there. They want to learn new more empowered ways of being that will serve them on their journey as they go forth with confidence and conviction of who they really are and how they want to serve.

4. When you say that the training is an advanced energy modality what exactly does that mean?

The SI2HC training, in particular, is an Energy Modality that holds a higher consciousness and brings about an accelerated way to spiritually grow and evolve. Once you understand all the principles, in  the program, you will begin to gain greater awareness as to what lessons you have come here to learn and be able to speed up that process by shifting those vibrations into a greater state of Consciousness.

5. Describe your professional background as a Social Worker and how those skills were part of your own transition into being a coach instead of counselor.

I was a counselor for over 20 years and specialized in the areas of Mental Health and Substance abuse.  I haven’t practiced Social Work for over 20 years. Why? Because the Energy processes that I have learned over the years have helped so many people in LESS time than traditional counseling it just seemed futile to proceed.

I know, you probably don’t believe me; so let me give you an example. I had a client who came to me with severe anxiety to the point where she could barely manage her life. She saw 3 medical doctors and 2 holistic doctors who told her there was nothing wrong with her.

She saw me for 6 weeks using the IN-Vision® process (founded by Colette Baron-Reid) and by the end of our time together the anxiety decreased so dramatically it became a non-issue.

Why? We sometimes create *dis-ease in order to learn a spiritual lesson. In this case the anxiety was a wake up call to her inner power. She has the power to create illness – which meant she also had the power to dissolve it. Once, we were able to identify it, clear it and bring it back to balance the lesson was learned and there was no need for the discord anymore.

6. What is the Visionary program that you also offer and how is it different from the Immersion training?

The Visionary Program is like the happy meal of intervention.  You work with me individually and in a group in order to create a complete transformation in your life/business.

It’s about 7 months long in order to ensure that you are well on your way to understanding the principles of the SI2HC Immersion Training and the individual IN-Vision® Coaching sessions will help identify and remove the obstacles you’ve thrown in your way.

During that time you will learn NEW tools in order to maintain your own health, balance and prosperity so you don’t have to keep hiring other professionals to “fix you” over and over again.

7. Intuition or Sixth Sense is something that not everyone believes in. You also offer intuition coaching. How can one know if its intuition or just flights of fancy imagination overrunning their right brain?

Everyone has Intuition, uses it and doesn’t even know it. Ever have a “gut feeling” not to do something? Intuition!

It’s not all woo-woo. In fact, the IN-Vision® process is a trademarked process – (founded by internationally recognized intuitive strategist and # 1 bestselling author, - founder and CEO of The Master Intuitive Coach Institute and the IN-Vision® Project Colette Baron-Reid) it’s an interactive coach-dialog technique that bridges intuitive strategy, transformational mind integration and the profound language of metaphor, that helps you re-connect with your own inner knowing, and help you shift from feeling blocked and uncertain to clear and on purpose.

Right now, there are only a select few on the entire PLANET who are certified in this process. Yes, I am one ;)

8. Oracle cards, flowers, and essences, while possibly interesting, don't they just encourage magical thinking and cognitive distortions?

Sometimes you just have to step out of your box and stop listening to what everyone else (parents, teachers, society) tells you is right or wrong. The people who make the greatest impact on this world are those who listen to their heart and follows it’s instruction.

The use of Ancient Oracle cards has been around as early as the 1700’s. They have been used as tools of guidance for many mystics over the years but are not necessarily a healing modality in it and of itself. They are helpful in attaining direction, guidance and clarity.

Flower essences however, are homeopathic interventions, that affects the energy of the individual that is using them. They are specially prepared and contain the healing energy of plants/gemstones and are prescribed by an educated practioner and prescribed according to a patient’s emotional disposition.

They affect energy levels rather than chemical balances therefore not interfering with person’s physical chemistry. They have been described as “liquid energy.” The theory is that they encapsulate the flowers’/Gemstones healing energy, and are said to deal with and overcome negative emotions, and relieve blockages in the flow of human energy that can cause illness.

9. In your personal and professional opinion, what is the difference between "psychic" and "psychotic"? The later is about a psychological break with reality. It seems that the participation in New Age practices only encourages a kind of break from grounded perspectives of reality.

Psychosis stems from an imbalance in the brain that is diagnosable by a trained professional. For example: Depression is due to a lack of Serotonin being produced in the brain by the Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitors or (SRI’s). These types of dis-orders are bio-chemical in nature and are usually best handled by a professional.

The statement “new age practices encourage a break from a grounded perspective of reality” is false.  One of the major concepts of New Age philosophy is to “be in the now.”  In order to be in the now one must be extremely grounded and present with every breath they take. A feat only few have mastered.

There are specific practices, books and techniques devised to help people get grounded, be present and slow down the speed in which they are living so they can enjoy the little things they take for granted. 

I would encourage reading the book “The Power of Now” written by Eckert Tolle who has dedicated his life purpose to help people to do just that.

10. People have been known to become cognitively confused because of magical thinking practices, how can you assure those who choose to work with the "intuitive realm" that this will actually help them in a measurable tangible way?

The IN-Vision® process is a brand new form of energy psychology. Once you’ve identified the blocked and “re-moved it” a bio-chemical reaction takes place in the brain. The process works with the Neural pathways in the brain that were running that particular (I’m not worthy) program.

After the IN-Vision process those neural pathways become re-patterned to create a more healthy and vibrant pathway of thought instead of one that impedes you.

The SI2HC works in a similar fashion but on a more energetic level.  Once we identify the vibration that you are trying to master we can re-pattern the energy to shift that vibration into a more empowered state. Some shifts occur immediately and some can be layered with dis-cord and trauma, which requires more future work on the part of the client.

Lastly, the best way to measure tangible results is to visit my website and click on my Client A-ha page. Don’t trust me. Read the experiences of others in their own words and decide for yourself.

It’s all about becoming self-aware and empowering yourself so you can bring forth the gifts you came here to share with the world. As you walk this path of self-discovery there will be up’s and there will be downs… it will require faith, trust and allowing to make it through til the end… and that type of perseverance is what Super-hero’s/heroine’s are made of.