E Cigarettes Offer An Incredible Alternative To Tobacco


In just a few short years the e cigarette industry has managed to attract millions of fans, and across the globe smokers have been stubbing out their tobacco cigarettes for the last time and embracing electronic devices that have far less social stigma attached.

A Pleasant Alternative

Due to the fact that they turn almost odourless e juice into vapour rather than burn a pungent smelling agent such as tobacco, e cigarettes have become a far more socially acceptable option to lighting up. Sadly tobacco cigarettes have a very strong odour that permeates everything, from hair and clothes to furniture and curtains, making it difficult for tobacco smokers to disguise their habit to those who find it unpleasant.

With an e cigarette the only smell is that of the e liquid, and as there are some incredible flavours on offer, the worst a non-smoker or would smell is the fragrance of fruit, sweets or other delicious aromas that have been used to flavour the electronic smoking device.

Establishments that offer products such as the Enjuice e liquids have turned tobacco smokers into those that enjoy ‘vaping’, and offer a tastier, sweeter smelling option that also contains nicotine, but doesn't have the negative association attached, and 'lighting up' can be done whenever and wherever a smoker desires.

A recent article on the BBC news acknowledged how the sales of these tobacco free cigarettes have boomed especially since bans on smoking tobacco in public places have become so prevalent. Initially many bystanders were shocked by those who vaped in public places, especially arenas such as airports or malls, but once they became familiar with the device and the fact that although it acted like a cigarette it had no smell and no flame, these devices became far less criticised and were instead welcomed by many as a preferred alternative.

Uninhibited smoking enjoyment

Although the e cigarette industry has largely been unregulated, there have been moves towards doing so, and several countries are introducing legislature that governs the use of these electronic devices. The BBC has commented that these devices should not be too heavily regulated as they do offer a cleaner, safer alternative to traditional cigarettes.

Over time it is expected that these devices will become subject to certain rules, however they are sure to be nowhere as strict as those that govern cigarettes, especially as their effect on others, and their fire risk, is minimal. It would be understandable if the purchase of devices and e juice was limited to those over a certain age, but the benefits of these electronic cigarettes far outweigh the negatives of the tobacco kind.

It's safe to say that e cigarettes have become the new way to enjoy a nicotine fix and that they offer a far more socially-friendly alternative to tobacco smoking. Although the device may release a smaller amount of vapour after being pulled on, it's nowhere near as noxious as the resulting drag of a regular cigarette, and these e cigarettes truly are an incredible alternative to the problem of smoker’s breath and social stigma that surrounded the 'old' way of enjoying nicotine.