The Psychology of Photography: Do You Believe in Magic?


Images can heal and speak volumes without a word. All about

The other day I was watching a TV interview with the famous British photographer Nigel Barker. He commented on how posing hides the real you while impromptu shots reveal the authentic self. Barker also mentioned how photography can be a useful tool in helping someone transform their self-image. Certainly the use of images can affect our sensory response. The day after watching Barker's interview I came across an online class from called "I Believe in Magic: 30-Day Photo Journey". Course creator Joy Holland descriibes the photo journey as follows:

"I Believe in Magic" which teaches the foundation of presence through the creative expression of photography. If I asked people to look for beauty and abundance and to discuss the feeling of trust and joy and sorrow and fear in their life, in this moment, as they are...they might be reluctant. But, through the use of gently easing them into the study by daily prompts that flow from surface to depth, they not only look for, but feel, that "which is amazing" in their life. The next session begins in August 25 and runs through September 24. The early bird tuition rate of $40 will be available until August 16. Afterwards the regular price to register id $50.

Holland offers other teaching tools, such as her "30 Days of Love Prompts". Registration is ongoing but the next guided session will next be offered in January 2014.  This course was desiged in collaboration with other teachers as a self-study to encourage the heart to bloom with a series of "love dare" excercises.

"The 30 days of Love prompts is one of the 3 classes I teach on presence. It is an invitation to explore Love of self, others, tap into the energy of Love as one moves through World creating and connecting," says Holland. "Registration is on-going. The prompts are daily--I don't have them in one "bundle" to share--they are written individually in an autoresponder."

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