Love Won't Find You OR Money Won't?


A chance discovery of old emails from Alice Tompkins Co. suggests that affiliate perks often aren't

When I stopped referring people to Kathryn Alice's programs because I had moved on to other material, as life goes on, it seems that the affiliate commissions I apparently earned in 2013 vanished with me.

Just because someone ceases to share on their social media about your products because they've moved on, doesn't mean breaking a legal contract is ok. Somehow when I was cleaning out old emails I found three messages from earlier this year from the Alice Tompkins Company. These messages informed me in writing that I had referred three sales via my tweets and facebook posts that totaled close to $200.

Since I couldn't recall being paid that commission I tried to login to my old affiliate account to see what happened. Only then did I discover that it wasn't valid anymore and no one, not Alice or her staff, had informed me ... unless it was via an email that never arrived in my inbox. I've contacted Kathryn Alice but I'm not struggling for the cash. If anything it's the way this appears to be handled that is disconcerting.

Maybe it's all just some oversight. Or, the love guru whose prone to Science of Mind inspired ramblings isn't sharing the love and the money. Could this be more deliberate than I want to think it is? So far, Kathryn Alice has not replied. Wonder if it's just nothing or really something is going on.