Should I Join The Military Is A Question That Needs Considered


A major reason is that such a commitment requires eight years of service.

Should I Join The Military Is A Question That Needs Considered Thought

People enlist for different reasons. Some want to make their career in the uniformed services, others just want to spend part of their working life in this kind of service. It is critical the decision is made after carefully considering all the angles of the question should I join the military.

A major reason is that such a commitment requires eight years of service. Recruits cannot quit at will, unlike what is possible in civilian employment. They will protect their own interests and show respect to the services by making a decision that is made with due consideration.

Rarely, discharges for valid hardship reasons are permitted. But without this circumstance, leaving before this term is only possible with a dishonorable discharge. This type of discharge, depending on its reason, has lasting consequences.

One should expect the possibility of spending considerable periods away from home. In Navy work, enlisted personnel spend much time at sea. Army and Air Force assignments may also require time spent in foreign locations. The same is the case with Marines, who are on ships for substantial periods of time. Even Reserve and National Guard duties entail foreign deployment. Of course, this is no hardship for anyone who seeks to enlist for the possibility of foreign travel.

Bear in mind that the potential for monetary advantages is there, but, after certain conditional requirements are met. A signing bonus, for example, is available in certain circumstances. It is typically available in the case of jobs that are harder to fill. They also may have a training requirement. The possibility may terminate if the conditions are not met. For a line of service that requires being near danger, there should be awareness that the VA suffers from inadequate funding for its needs.

Such service can be a route for assistance in financing a college degree. However, this aid is not a certainty. Prior to qualification for the Montgomery GI Bill, enlisted persons pay a specified sum for the first year of enlistment. A specified period of service is necessary to become eligible for the Post 911 GI Bill. Such financial assistance is only accessible upon meeting specified terms and standards of performance. Also, after meeting all the required conditions, the approval process has its own processing demands. The Tuition Assistance program pays full tuition fees for those in active duty.

After you have made your decision to sign up for the armed services, the next consideration is the decision on which branch to serve. Some research is required for an informed decision as each branch is distinct. A particular branch may be more suitable for certain people. Anyone interested in travel will find the Navy to be the optimal choice. The Coast Guard has the biggest peacetime utility. But, its limited number of enlisted positions and absence of guaranteed jobs on enlisting may be a drawback. But, these limited positions mean specialized skills are less of an emphasis and there is a possibility of acquiring broader experience. Additionally, these positions have a closer relation to civilian job categories.

For those who already possess a college degree or above may prefer to serve as commissioned officers. Commissioned officers earn more and their quality of life is generally superior. But, they have greater responsibilities. There is serious competition for such positions and simply being a college graduate will not suffice. The question should I join the military demands researching useful information in order to make an informed decision.

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