Gain Independence By Starting Your Own Business


The quickest way to feeling liberated is to be your own boss.

Ask a hundred people and a good majority will say that they value their independence. Yet almost all of those who answer in the affirmative go to work every day and work for someone else. That doesn't sound very independent, does it? Even if the work if in some ways fulfilling, it still benefits others more than it benefits you. The only way to gain true independence is to branch out and become your own boss. It might sound intimidating, but it is truly one of the most liberating feelings a human being can experience.

With so many resources freely* available, there are fewer and fewer excuses for continuing along the boring path of employment. The self-employed might not have those charming medical benefits, and they might not have the security blanket of a regular salary, but they have something more important. They have a sense of self-reliance that no amount of money can buy.

If you feel the motivation to start your own business and break free from the binds of Corporate America, here are a few ideas to get you off the ground.

Start freelancing

Do you have a skill that you're not utilizing at your day job and that is in demand? If so, there could be a means for you to build a business. Freelancing is risky, but done right it can turn into a business that you control. Starting out is tough -- how do you gain experience when you have little? -- but once you establish yourself you can actually make decent money. The trick is getting out of the making a mobile app using its service. Anyone interested should definitely pay the paltry 99 cents for the inside info.)

Think that there's already an app for everything? Think again. You might have an idea that someone already made into an app. But guess what? There are hundreds of thousands of apps in the App Store and most of them are very poor. If you do your homework and bring a vision to your project, you can do better. One app can bring a nice side income. A suite of apps can start earning you real money.

Start an e-commerce site

There is often pushback to an idea such as opening your own online store. You don't have storage space. You don't have the time or the energy to fulfill orders. The list goes on. But none of that really constitutes an excuse. It's just a way of brushing off a good idea. Because starting an e-commerce site is a quality way to make money. You don't need storage space, and you don't need to take care of shipping. Those things are taken care of for you, via reselling and drop shipping.

They key is to find a niche (also known as a vertical) where the competition isn't intense. This will mean starting slow necessarily, and then building up the site's traffic with internet marketing tactics such as social media promotion, search engine optimisation, and pay-per-click search marketing. Driving that traffic to your site will raise awareness and result in higher conversion rates.

Don't mistake: starting an e-commerce site takes a lot of work. But the payoff can be larger than perhaps any other free-to-start business venture.

Tools of the trade

You'll need a few tools to help you along the way if you're going to build any of these businesses.

  • A good calendar. Starting a new business, especially while keeping your day job, requires impeccable organizational skills. A good calendar, such as Google Calendar, can help you keep on top of time-sensitive events.
  • A to-do list. You'll need to map out what needs doing, A calendar is good for telling you when, but a to-do list tells you what. There are many out there, and most have similar features. Search and play to see which works best for you.
  • Software to keep the books. If you're going to be in business you need to keep super-accurate records. Accounting software from QuickBooks will help you record all income and expenses, balancing everything and helping you with your taxes.

This is just the start. The key is to just start the dang business. You can worry about the rest later. As entrepreneur and author Michael Masterson says in the title of a book, Ready, Fire Aim.