Can Stay-At-Home Dads Have It All?

Can Stay-At-Home Dads Have It All?

Why we need to start supporting caretaker fathers and alter our views of manhood.

For the past few months, "having it all" has been on everyone's minds. Is it achievable? Who defines it? From working moms to single women, the work-life debate is seen as an issue for all sorts of women.

But what about caretaker fathers? We rarely hear their perspective on work-life balance. 

Our friends at The Daily Beast take a closer look at the views of masculinity surrounding caretaker fathers and what needs to change. 

The author explains: "Even the toughest caretaker dad has to find public debates over gender and work-life balance unsatisfying. As a dad walking the fatherhood walk, I find it frustratingly incomplete to hear that men need to make room for women to find better balance between work and life. Please don’t get me wrong: they do. They absolutely do. However, while women ought to have more family flexibility and better professional opportunities from entry-level jobs to the boardroom, that's only half of the equation."

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