Room Decorating 101: Adding Romantic Touch to Apartment Bedroom

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Turn your bedroom into a romantic sanctuary. Simple decoration can heighten up the romance level.

Most of our days are loaded with a bunch of responsibilities: working to earn money and caring for the family. In fact, some of us never go to bed unless all duties for the day are completed. After a tiring day, maybe all you want to do is get inside your ordinary-looking bedroom, lay down on bed and call it a night. Such a boring scene right?

For couples, having less time with your partner often results into cold relationship and even breakup. So why not make a change? Bedroom ambiance plays a big role in helping you relax after a tedious day. Turn your bedroom into a romantic sanctuary from a typical sleeping room. Adding a sense of romance in your bedroom might help set the mood whenever the two of you are inside.

Living in an apartment? Apartments usually have small bedroom; thus, you might think it’s difficult to decorate your room. Well, think again. Making your bedroom more romantic is very feasible.

  • Free up your bedroom from mess - Any space, big or small, will really look unpleasant, untidy and less romantic if you see things scattered everywhere. Just imagine if you sprint towards your partner to embrace him, then suddenly you stumble because a few books or a pair of socks are on the floor. Clutters are likewise distracting. Instead of getting your partner’s attention, the mess will likely turn him off. So, clean up the clutter.

Put a basket in a conspicuous spot in your bedroom to hold all dirty clothes. Get rid of those unnecessary items, such as too many wall arts and picture frames. Place them in the living room where many people can see and appreciate them. Small room can look bigger if it is clutter free. Romance will surely heat up when there is no distraction.

  • Update color scheme - When you lease an apartment, chances are, it is already painted with ordinary shade. Change the color scheme inside the bedroom to bring a romantic ambiance. Paint the bedroom wall with lighter and cooler tone, like icy pink, cornflower blue or lavender to make it look larger. Warm colors, such as burgundy and red, can greatly add a sense of intimacy; but, they will not do any justice in making your room appear bigger. Gold and pale yellow can likewise lend a romantic and elegant atmosphere inside your room.

If you cannot update the wall color, try hanging curtains. These pieces of textiles will not just add colors to your bedroom, curtains can also block outside noise. In short, curtains can make your bedroom even more private - more like a safe haven for the both of you. Whenever you two are inside, you will feel like you are in a different world where you and your partner only exist. 

  • Add other lighting sources - For a more romantic moment in your bedroom, install a distinct type of lighting fixture. Apartment bedroom usually features a typical kind of light, which serves as the main light source. Obviously, this is not romantic. Add a lighting fixture that casts off dimmer glows to dramatically change the mood in the room when turned on. Sometimes holding each other is more romantic if there is less light or the room is dim. Sconce type of lighting fixture might be a good addition to your room. Otherwise, you can opt to add floor lamp or table lamp with chic design. If you want to be naughty and playful, colored light bulbs might do the job.

Transforming your apartment bedroom into a lovebird’s nest is painless. But, never overdo the decorations. You don’t wanna stress out your partner when he gets in. Just make the changes simple yet noticeable - something that could eliminate the stress and reignite the spark of your relationship. Romance should always be in the air no matter if you live in a stand-alone house or an apartment, like those apartments in Atlanta.Decorate your bedroom to ignite romance!