Exclusive: Interview with a Married Cheater


A married man tells why he cheats

The following is an interview I did with a 40 something year old man who has cheated on his wife off and on during the 10 years that they have been married. He will give his insight on why men cheat and has a few things to say to women about cheating.

The Sexy Single Mommy: Welcome and thank you for agreeing to this interview.

The Married Cheater: Your welcome.

The Sexy Single Mommy: Tell me a little about yourself.

The Married Cheater: Well, I have been married 10+ years, good career, good provider for my family and I love my wife and kids.

The Sexy Single Mommy: So, let me just right into it...do you cheat on your wife?

The Married Cheater: YES!

The Sexy Single Mommy: That was without hesitation. Why is that? Are you not happy?

The Married Cheater: Yes, extremely happy. My wife never turns me down when it comes to sex, she is willing to try new things, etc. but every now and then a man wants something different.

The Sexy Single Mommy: Something different? Why, if you are getting everything that you need at home?

The Married Cheater: It is in a man's nature. We like to chase and conquer.

The Sexy Single Mommy: Doesn't that get old after a while?

The Married Cheater: What? New pussy?

The Sexy Single Mommy: Yes, all these different women.

The Married Cheater: No!

The Sexy Single Mommy: How is that in a man's nature?

The Married Cheater: Look at every animal. Humans are animals. We do everything an animal does. A mother protects a cub with her life. It's a natural instinct. Men, like to conquer. It's a natural instinct. We kill animals to eat and survive and every male animal has more than one mate. Look at lions, bulls, etc. They all have a harem. They protect that harem and will die fighting to protect their harem. The dominate males mates with several females, so it's actually in our nature to mate and multiply.

It goes back to the beginning, every king had a gang of women. We don't want to have sex with the same woman over and over. In Africa, you can have as many wives as you want as long as you can take care of them. Look at Muslim's. Same thing. It is only in America that you can't have more than one wife.

The Sexy Single Mommy: That's not only in America

The Married Cheater: Of course, but you get my meaning.

The Sexy Single Mommy: You mentioned that is in your nature to mate and multiply...does that mean that you do not use protection with these other women.

The Married Cheater: I was just giving an example. Of course, I use protection. The last thing that I am thinking about is having a baby outside my marriage. I just want to have sex with someone different and go about my way.

The Sexy Single Mommy: Do these women know about one another? Does your wife know?

The Married Cheater: No, my wife does not know. The other women know that I am married. Hell, they are married! Women are no different from us! They do the same thing. They want something different, too!

The Sexy Single Mommy: Do you feel any remorse about what you're doing?

The Married Cheater: Yes, I do but not enough to make me stop doing what I am doing. (Laughs)

The Sexy Single Mommy: What if you found out your wife was cheating on you?

The Married Cheater: She is probably doing it, too. If she is...so what? I might be mad but shit, I did it. I am not trying to leave my marriage behind it because I know it was just sex.

The Sexy Single Mommy: So, if the day comes that your wife finds out about all this, then what?

The Married Cheater: Then she just finds out. What can I do?

The Sexy Single Mommy: Do you think that men are not capable of being faithful?

The Married Cheater: I can't speak for every man but I can tell you that 98% of men will cheat.

The Sexy Single Mommy: What message would give women?

The Married Cheater: Just because a man cheats on you doesn't mean that he doesn't love you. It's a physical thing for us. It's not a mental attraction. It doesn't change the way that he feels about you. We can have sex and it's just that...sex! We are not emotional like women are. It's just a man's nature. Plus, women do the same thing. It's just not only men cheating. Women cheat, too! Put it like this, you wouldn't want to eat chicken every day of your life, would you?

The Sexy Single Mommy: No

The Married Cheater: There it is. We don't want to have sex with the same person every day of our lives either.

The Sexy Single Mommy: Well, there it is. Thank you for taking the time to give women some insight on cheating from a man's point of view.

The Married Cheater: Your welcome. Anytime.

Do you agree with what he said? Do women cheat just as much as men? Are men capable of being faithful?