Elderly Couple Vacation: Romantic Activities to Do in Las Vegas


Is it possible to spend romantic activities in Vegas? Impossible you think? It's very possible!

Romantic getaway is not just for younger couples. It does not have any age requirement to be able to enjoy a vacation with your special someone. For senior couples, traveling is a perfect time to rekindle the spark of the relationship. Heading out to a romantic destination and spending quality time with your loved one can reignite the feeling of being in love.

When talking about travel destinations, Las Vegas is always included in the list. It won’t be known as “entertainment capital of the world” for nothing. Thousands of people flock to different leisure areas in Vegas. With a number of lavish hotels, resorts, casinos and first-class restaurants, who would not be tempted to pay a visit to this place? But, what is romantic about going to Las Vegas specifically for elderly couples?

Romantic Dinner at Eiffel Tower Vegas

Yes, you heard it right. Las Vegas has its own version of Eiffel tower in Paris. From up there, couples can have a panoramic view of the city while enjoying a sumptuous meal. Elderly couples can reminisce more memories from the past, such as first date, first kiss and all the other firsts. City view even gets more dramatic during sunset. Most couples prefer to dine when the sun is about to set.

What make’s it more romantic? Some elderly (specifically women) are afraid of heights. This is a perfect time for the elderly men to show their affection and care. Elderly men can hold their partners to fight off the fear. Or, they can both hold each other and take pleasure in the scenic Las Vegas sky. Isn’t heartwarming to witness senior couples still in love with each other?

Relax while Watching the Bellagio Fountains

If your partner is really scared of going up the Eiffel tower Vegas, check out a distinct yet romantic kind of scenery on the ground. Take your beloved someone to Las Vegas boulevard where you can find the Bellagio Fountains. This is not just your ordinary fountain in the middle of skyscrapers. Bellagio Fountains are meant to tickle the romantic side of each viewer. Spectators will surely admire the fountain show as it combines music, water and light to offer spectacular kind of entertainment.

Couples can hug each other while watching the water dances in front of their eyes. With soothing music and enticing scenery, indeed, elderly couples will feel young again. And the best of all, going to Bellagio Fountains is absolutely free. Thus, elderly couples can make the most of it without shelling out some bucks.

Relish the Moment While Taking a Gondola Ride

No budget to travel to Italy? Don’t go too far. Vegas can offer you an Italy like experience without stepping a foot to the said country. Enjoy a romantic gondola ride at the Venetian Las Vegas. The gondola glides down the Grand Canal where you can pass by cafes and streets. Wrap your arms around your beloved as gondoliers serenade you both. Isn’t romantic. And most importantly, it is a lot cheaper than going to Venice.

Renew Vows

For elderly couple, Las Vegas might be an ideal place to renew your vows. Vegas is widely known as favorite a wedding venue. As a matter of fact, a number of people - both ordinary and celebrities - have tied the knot in this state. So while spending your vacation in Vegas, why not ask your better-half to get married again? This will likely strengthen the bond between the two of you. Elderly couples will surely cherish this Las Vegas trip if they renew their vows.

Now, who says Vegas is just for casino lovers? Elderly people can likewise spend romantic moment in this place. As a senior, never pack heavy. Just bring with you travel essentials including a few garments and footwear. For health purposes, you can take with you medical device, like Medical Guardian, and medicines.

Enjoy a romantic trip to the entertainment capital!