11 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Deep In A Bromance

GIFs: 11 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Deep In A Bromance

Suspect your man may be bromantic? You're probably right.

Your man: You know him. You love him. But is his love entirely yours? Or do you share it with his bestie? Read on to find out if your boyfriend is deep in the throes of a bromance.

1. He recites the story of how they met more times than the story of how you met ... and it's sweeter.

2. They're not afraid of a little man-cuddle.

3. Male bonding takes on a whole new meaning.

4. They have their own anthem, which is proudly (and loudly) sung at karaoke, because naturally there is no shame between bros.

5. “I love you,” is flung around like candy.

6. Their adventure stories are cuter than yours.

7. When they haven’t seen each other for more than 36 hours, their reunion goes something like this:

8. They will always have each other's backs.

9. They admit to daydreaming about each other.

10. On any given day, they spend more time together on their xbox headsets/Skype than the two of you do on the phone.

11. He gets your man in a way you just never will.

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