How To Make A Girl Orgasm So Hard She Can't Walk!


The best tips on How To Make A Girl Orgasm So Hard She Can't Walk!

As most men know there are various ways to make females orgasm. However there are still many men that have yet to learn or put to use, the following methods of orgasm. As with anything, practice makes perfect.

Its always best to start with foreplay. Foreplay will help her to become more focused on the sexual experience and allow you to explore and find out exactly what she enjoys. This will allow you to find out exactly how much clitoral stimulation she enjoys and how she wants her clit to be rubbed. Some females enjoy a clockwise rubbing while others prefer counterclockwise or an up and down motion. You also need to find out exactly how hard she wants you to rub it. Pressing to firmly can cause some ladies pain and will ruin the experience. Some females also enjoy slapping or having their pussy slapped with your hand or penis. All women are not the same. This is a key factor you must always remember! You have to tailor your moves and apply various techniques depending on which lady you are with.

Clitoral and g-spot orgasms should mainly be used as a warmup. Its should be your goal to make her have various and multiple orgasms. This will insure a pleasurable and memorable experience. Achieve this and she will come back time and time again. Ladies also have a tendency to speak about their sex lives and partners with their girlfriends. Do a great job and you will have many ladies flocking to you in no time.

To find her clitoris use your pointer and middle fingers to rub up and down between her vaginal lips. You are feeling for a nub located at the top of her vagina. Stimulation will help engorge the clit, just like a mans penis, making it more prominent and easier to find. Some women have large clits and some have small clits. If you are completely lost and can not locate it, then just ask her to place your fingers on it.

To find the G-spot use a finger or two and insert them into her vagina about an inch or two. Use a come here motion and feel for an area of ridges. In some females you can also feel their nerve. While rubbing her g-spot area try going left, right or centered. Every girls g-spot is in a different location. Pay attention to her facial expressions and body movements to find the area that works best for her. For some women g-spot stimulation makes them feel as if they have to pee and will not find it enjoyable. So if she ask you to stop just do so or risk getting peed on.

Some women can experience orgasm by touch and also thought. Play with her breast and suck her nipples. Pull her hair, squeeze her hips, slap her ass, etc. There are not many females who can achieves orgasm in this way, but they are out there. There are also ladies who can achieve orgasm by not being touched at all. You can hold your hands above her body but don't actually touch her. Use rubbing motions as if you were rubbing various spots on her body. The ladies who can achieve orgasm in this manner are also far and few in-between, but they are out there.

Now for penis penetrative orgasms. Vaginal orgasm can be achieved with deep and full thrust of your penis, but many ladies find this hard to achieve without rubbing their clit or foreplay beforehand. Many ladies also enjoy anal orgasms. The skin between the vaginal canal and anus is fairly thin, so with the right positions and stimulation she can achieve orgasm with anal sex.

Your ultimate goal should always be multiple orgasms! Foreplay is great because if you can make her orgasm early it will lower her threshold and make achieving orgasm again much easier. A great way to help her achieve multiple orgasms is as soon as she is cumming keep pumping or rubbing harder and faster. Some ladies can even achieve a continuous orgasm. She will keep climaxing and tingling as long as you keep pumping her. Some women can also achieve a very strong squirting orgasm. If this happens don't freak out she didn't pee on you. Scientific studies have shown the fluid coming from a woman squirting is not urine.

In conclusion make foreplay last at least 20-30 minutes. Keep up your stamina while employing the various methods of orgasm and help her achieve multiple orgasms. If you do these things your woman will be tingling all over and her legs will be shaking so much she will be unable to get up and walk for awhile!

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