The Truth Behind Online Dating, Sad But True!


The sad, but true reality of online dating sites!

     All to often I see people complaining about online dating. Mainly women, but sometimes men as well. It is time for everyone to face the realities of what online dating sites are used for. Not what they were created to be, or what people would like them to be used for. It is the age of freedom and if what I tell you here disappoints or offends you then great!, because online dating will not change to suite any one individuals wants or needs. This is the truth behind online dating.

     SEX! We all love it and it can be great when done properly. This is what the majority of online dating website users are looking for. It is true that most users are men and women should know by now guys want sex 24/7. Be they straight, gay or bi men. Men are constantly thinking about sex. There are a few men on dating sites actually looking for a relationship, but deep down they still want sex. Lets face it, if the sex is not enjoyable for both partners the relationship will never work out anyways. Better to fuck and forget, than not to fuck and regret an entire relationship or marriage.    

     Now I know most women on dating sites are lonely and want someone to be their companion. The majority of men however are not looking for this dynamic at all. So do not be disappointed if you only seem to meet assholes, cheaters and liars. Since that is what the majority of men on dating sites are. They will use fake pictures, lie about income, possessions and basically anything that they think will get them in between your legs. Don’t get me wrong women also lie on dating sites, but its usually about things such as weight and age. Ladies guys know your tricks. If you only have a face picture then you are usually overweight and most guys will ignore your profile unless they are into bigger ladies or are just desperate for sex. So go ahead and be honest and include a full body shot. That way you have better chances of finding someone who is genuinely attracted to you.Men often use dating sites to troll people as well. If something seems to good to be true it usually is.

     This mainly ties in to guys. If your looking at a female profile and she just seems to good to be true then the profile is usually fake. If she actually ask for a picture of your dick then she is usually a gay guy. Gay men often make female profiles to fool other men into talking sexually with them and to also get pictures of other guys naked. Just look at the recent info from Plenty of Fish. The site creator found out that majority of the female profiles were actually men portraying themselves as women to talk to other men. This should give you an idea of how sex craved some men are.There are also some women on dating sites just looking for sex, but they are far and very few in between. Most of them will not look anything like their profile picture and may be a cheating spouse. So if you meet up with some random woman from a dating site for sex and her husband comes in with a gun or decides to join the two of you in bed, then don’t be surprised. Things like this happen more often than you think.

This info applies to basically any online dating site out there. Be it a paid or free site. Religious or non-religious site, etc. So do your self a HUGE favor and save your time, money and humility by not using online dating sites. You would be much better off using your time and money going out to a bar, skating rink, bowling, a party or any other social function you can think of. You would have better chances meeting someone that is real and looking for a relationship at a wedding or a funeral than you would with online dating sites.