The Hottest 2013 Bachelorette Party Trends


Find out the hottest themes, destinations and splurges for the 2013 bachelorette party.

A new bachelorette party poll is revealing the hottest trends in the pre-wedding party, including what party-goers spend to help the bride say good-bye to the single life. surveyed nearly 200 brides and bachelorettes to uncover what's hot and what's not. "Some things did not surprise us-- like the fact that roughly half of women say being with their friends is the best part of the event," says Steph Storm, founder of "What shocked me most was that most ladies don't want men to be a part of it. Co-ed bachelorette parties are happening more, but most women still want a girls-only night."

The poll found that the most popular bachelorette party themes for 2013 are "naughty", followed by "pink" and "Vegas". Combined, those three themes were selected by three out of five women.

According to the poll, nearly three in four women will spend more than $100 planning the bachelorette party. Storm says for those who are trying to save money, The House of Bachelorette offers hundreds of items for $1.99 or less: More than nine out of ten women also plan to spend $50 or more during the bachelorette party. The biggest splurges for the bachelorette party are typically travel expenses like airfare and hotel. Thankfully for brides who are facing plenty of other wedding expenses, one in three report spending none of their own cash. About 80% of friends say they'll spend $25 or more on a gift for the bride.

For those looking for ways to save money on the bachelorette party, try skipping the stripper. The poll revealed that just 1% of women think that an exotic dancer is the highlight of the event. And when it comes to bachelorette party outfits, the LBD (little black dress) reigns as the ensemble of choice.