How To Have 'Vacation Sex' Without Ever Leaving Your Bedroom

How To Have 'Vacation Sex' Without Ever Leaving Your Bedroom

You don't need to leave the country to have an out-of-this-world love making sesh.

4. Get bikini ready.
You probably wouldn't go on a beach vaca without toning up and waxing down there, so don't show up to your staycation unprepared either ... K? In all seriousness, we tend to pay extra-special attention to grooming and exercising before a romantic getaway. As a result, we feel more confident and can let our guards down more in bed. Getting your bod in tip-top shape as if you were prepping for a beach vacation, is key to steamier sex, even if you never leave your bedroom.

5. Take a roleplay getaway.
Escaping from reality is certainly a perk of vacation, but getting lost in a fantasy world with your partner is pretty darn sexy, too. Can't make it to Italy? Play out a Venetian dream: you be the passenger and he can be the gondolier. Vegas anyone? You be the dealer and let him be the high-roller. Can't decide where to role-vaca? Join the fantasy mile-high club — he's the frequent flyer and you're the flight attendant. The possibilities are endless ... and the best part? No jet lag! 

6. Take your time.
When you're on vacation — you have nothing to do and nowhere to be. Both freedom from commitments and the feeling of having endless time, empty the mind and lay the foundation to great sex. Get on "vacation time" in your regular life by clearing your schedule and slowing sex down. Enjoy the ride and don’t worry so much about when you're going to get there.

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