Throw a Sexy Sleepover for a Fun Ladies Only Night


Finding lingerie which suits your body shape and complexion might not be as easy as it sounds.

Getting together with a bunch of your girlfriends and choosing lingerie together is a fun activity for a night of gossip and note-comparing.

Trying your new lingerie on for your friends is a good way to get an opinion you can trust, before the big reveal to your significant other. Even if you already have all the lingerie you need, a sexy sleepover is a different way of spending some quality time with your girls.

Whoever said ‘a lady never tells’ was talking total rubbish - women share their sex stories with each other all the time! When you throw an adult slumber party, you can’t go wrong with a drinking game which tests your sexual knowledge, and one which will get even the most experienced person completely sloshed. If there are any non-drinkers present, they could always have a different penalty, but one which still makes the game raucous fun.

No sexy sleepover is complete without a few romantic comedies or the screening of a hilarious cult classic such as Showgirls. There are few things funnier than a corny and unintentionally hilarious sex scene. Be sure to stock up on a few light snacks if your adult sleepover takes the form of a movie night – think jelly boobs, or buy cutters for making pastries and biscuits in the shape of rude body parts if you are in the mood for doing some baking.

If you are throwing a Ladies’ Night for a special occasion such as a hen night, it can be fun to give each person present (or only the bride-to-be) a novelty gift, and this could be anything from a luridly-coloured sex toy to a racy or cheesy mug. For those who have a fun streak, bunny ear hair bands make silly gifts, and you can all pose with your accessories for fun photographs. If you throw in a little bit of imagination and cheekiness, your sexy Ladies’ Night is sure to be a hit.