Why The Summer Solstice Is The Perfect Day For Love

summer solstice

The longest day of the year may also be the hottest day of the year — for love.

Biziou tells of another Italian tradition where one exchanges a pot of basil and cucumbers with their significant other. If the plant grows thick, love will grow in joy and happiness. Biziou recommends using herbs to harness the energy of the solstice. Her favorites are lilies, which are said to heal the pain of a broken heart, lavender for love and harmony, and chickweed which is an herb worn to attract love.

"The bottom line is that this is the most powerful and potent day of the year," Henes says. "This is as good as it gets and then the sun starts declining. There's a direct association with the potency with sexuality and reproduction, love, lust and passion."

So, couples and singles for love: light a fire, get out some herbs, wear your trendy headpiece, go out and dance, and get ready for love — the summer solstice is here. 

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