'Dating In The Digital Age' Survey Reveals All

'Dating In The Digital Age' Survey Reveals All

Plus: More on sexting, 'selfies,' STDs & social media

New York, NY (June 12, 2013) Think Internet dating is mostly for hooking-up? Think again. In a survey recently released by YourTango.com – the leader in love and relationships – 63% of people who use dating sites are seeking something serious. Surprisingly, most people looking for love are not willing to pay for it! 60% surveyed say they wouldn't use a dating site that charges a fee.

While less than 5% report seeking casual sex from dating sites, 43% report sexting their dates and a shocking one-third send nude digital photos.

Where besides dating sites are people seeking potential paramours? A whopping 95% have used Facebook to land dates, but only 13% claim a social media connection has led to love.

While 86% of respondents claim to represent themselves accurately online, the most common little white lies include posting an old profile picture and misrepresenting their weight.

But the digital faux pas don't end there. Taking 'selfies' on a date is a dealbreaker for half of those polled. Instagramming meals and tweeting during dinner were other major, modern-day pet peeves.

"Interestingly, despite the innumerable digital ways to find love, most people prefer the old-fashioned way!" says Andrea Miller, YourTango CEO. "Respondents report the best places to find great dates are through social activities; followed by getting set up by friends or family. Free dating sites ranked third."

Additional survey findings:

  • Two-thirds would not go on a date with someone whose profile contains no photos.
  • Confirming a suitor's identity is of highest concern (68%), followed by a criminal record (23%); only 7% are most concerned with STD testing and less than 2% care about a date's credit score.
  • Significant others should be in contact every day, according to more than half of survey-takers.
  • Digital miscommunications have caused lovers' quarrels among more three-quarters of survey-takers.

From June 12–26, YourTango.com explores all facets of Dating In The Digital Age.

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