Snoring Intervention: How to Keep the Peace for Your Marriage

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How often have you run into a partner with a snoring problem?

Let’s face it, marriage is work. And if you throw in an extra dose of fatigue due to one snoring spouse, chances are this is going to add to that already taut thread of patience required in successful marriages. So what is one to do if there is a snoring spouse in the equation? The fact is; chronic fatigue will only increase stress, reduce patience and cause friction between both parties. If this sounds at all like what you and your spouse are currently experiencing, then there are a few ways to reduce the tension and get you back running smoothly and much more peacefully.

How? Let’s take a look below:

• Spousal Arousal Syndrome: Yes, this is a very real condition and it isn’t that you are ‘aroused’ by your spouse with desirable intentions, as a matter of fact, instead of moonlight kisses and romantic interludes you will probably be more likely to grab your hands around their throat and throttle the snore right out of them.

That’s right; Spousal Arousal Syndrome is the lack of sleep both partners receive due to snoring. And as frustrating as a non-snorer might feel towards their snoring counterpart, neither parties are getting a good night’s sleep, which can lead to that heavy lethargy that is accompanied due to a lack of sleep and of course, irritation that can last all day long. It is estimated that the non-snorer can have up to two hours of disrupted sleep even if they do not recall being restless the night before.

• Chronic Fatigue: Did you know that if you are getting less than eight hours of deep sleep puts you at a higher risk for higher blood pressure as well as lackluster job performances and an increase for crashing your car on the way to work. If this doesn’t wake you up and face the seriousness of chronic sleep deprivation, then maybe this will: Lack of sleep will shorten your lifespan. So enduring a night of restless slumber due to your grizzly-bear spouse rattling the shutters and window panes is more than a slow morning and dragging day, it could lead to an overall distressed immune system and a higher chance of succumbing to a stroke or a heart attack.

• Pillow Fight: As tempting as grabbing a pillow or whatever object happens to be in throwing range and knocking the snore out of your partner might be, there are other ways to help reduce and even eliminate the snoring. Try researching online where you can find great tips and advice on achieving that elusive good night’s sleep. Check out sites like this where something as simple as a chin-strap or mouth piece can help both partners finally find peace and best of all; sleep!

At the end of the day, we all need sleep. With all our crazy and busy schedules and juggling work, home and family life, marriages can ultimately suffer from the chronic fatigue related to a poor night’s sleep. After all, we all love our spouses more when we are happy, healthy and full of vibrant energy that can only be restored after a night of uninterrupted sleep.

Good night, sleep tight!