The Time when love falls apart .



hi . well yes my name is ester reynoso. im 18 years young,and 5month and 2weekly pregnant, with an husband name damian helan fernandez.don't really know how to start off but im just gonna go ahead and speak whats on my mind and what im feeling in my heart about my life"okayyy" soooooooooooooooo 1ST .im really happy im blessed and touched by an angel, and touched by a guy thats worth my time and his name is moses the man from above 2ND.happy im married to a wonderful man that completes me at all time nomatter how annoying and aggravating he get BUT..... SORRY TO SAY HE will always be my prince,nothing in this world can change the fact his my personal and property of my life .but honestly this is NOT why im here...... ,im really here is because i love this guy is just i feel like he changed so much around me he always lied to me about little things and how he never smoked nomore and how he don't mess with his ex's girlfriend nomore or with some gay girl that i had a problem with and i say it because like a week or maybe 2 i found him liking his ex girlfriend pictures and found him texting a gay girl name bonny messaging him. and so he replys to her saying .hey look,i just gradutaed we should go hit the strip club and match not jelous is just she fake she is not friend she dresses like a boy,she is a drug dealer and all thoughs type of shit ,so i got super mad and told him how im sick and tired of his b.s how i get lied and stumped all that crap.and he knows that if i would do the same to him he will feel like shit and start crying but you see im not really a preson to do no type of harm to anybody im sensative and sweet i cherish people to much .but honestly i need to stop because when im to nice i have people take me for advantage i end up crying and telling god how i don't wanna live nomore but shit crazy so i apologise to him because what i say to him dissappoints him so other then that i start singing and taking a hot bath . and think over and say is this guy worth my time ??,is he really ready to become a father ?? is he sure he got what it takes to be responsible ?? should i really be with him ?? but honestly i get no answer for non nor my question . so if anybody is there please give me an advise i need serious help :( sincerly ester isaura reynoso