How to Rekindle Some Magic in the Bedroom


Looking to rekindle that magic in the bedroom? Don't worry - you're not alone!

Looking to rekindle that magic in the bedroom? Don't worry - you're not alone! It is very common for long term couples to find that they lose that initial 'spark' when it comes to their physical relationship and equally, the stresses and strains of modern day life often translate into a lack of passion in the bedroom! However, it is relatively easy - and certainly fun - to get your love life back on track and highly desirable to do so as well, as couples who regularly enjoy intimate time together will generally be healthier, more bonded as a couple and often even look younger too! Research shows that couples who regularly enjoy sex have stronger immune systems, less stress and look up to 8 years younger! So what more incentive do you need to rekindle that spark you both enjoyed when you first met...
Living out your fantasies
Whether you dream of dressing up, heading outdoors, indulging in a little S&M, or watching naughty videos together, it is highly possible to explore your sexuality with a little adult shopping. Why not treat yourself to a cheeky outfit and surprise your partner? Equally, you could invest in some well-chosen toys to bring a little extra va-va voom into your bedroom and some experimentation too. A vibrator can really transform a woman's experience, particularly if she has trouble reaching orgasm through regular intercourse and commercial lubes can also transform the pleasure of sex for older couples, where dryness can otherwise be a problem. Look for different flavors and formulations and opt for water-based products where you use condoms, as oil can damage latex!
Stimulating your primary erogenous zone...
No, not the obvious spots - although you can have fun there of course- but your brain! For women in particular, good sex starts in the brain. So look at the latest array of erotic fiction and films and experiment with the sorts of scenarios and storylines that appeal to you. Your mind will begin to work along more erotic lines and stimulate your thinking - and desire! Remember too that you can find a superb line of material for couples online. You'll have a very enjoyable experience when shopping for fun accessories together.
Communicate and stay healthy
A healthy relationship involves communication; so keep talking and keep laughing! Humor and friendship are essential in a happy relationship, so if your sex life is failing, check for signs that other aspects of your relationship need attention too. Also, stay healthy! A good sex life requires stamina, energy and body confidence; so focus on good nutrition, exercise, rest and stress reduction; all of which will benefit you both and recreate that passionate foundation!
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