We Interview Tonys Host Neil Patrick Harris ... Through GIFs!

Date Night Idea: Watch Neil Patrick Harris Host The Tonys Together

Looking for a Sunday night date idea? Cuddle up on the couch with your partner, the Tonys, and NPH.

The Tony Awards were never really as highly celebrated as the Grammys and the Oscars ... until Neil Patrick Harris stormed the stage! Now that the show's 2012 host is back ruling the night, we decided to interview the, well, highly animated NPH about his second stint hosting Broadway's biggest night. If you haven't already, plan a Sunday night snuggle date with your significant other and the remote. Belting out show tunes in your living room is optional. 

Neil Patrick, how did you react to being asked to host the Tonys again this year?

Oh wow. How did you react publicly?

A lot of people think Seth MacFarlane upped the hosting ante in terms of expectations and showmanship. Do you feel pressure to perform even better than last year?

What's the most offensive thing an audience member can say to you at the Tonys?

If that happens, what will you do?

Calm down, Neil Patrick. Let's change topics: What did you think of Matilda The Musical?

But The Book Of Mormon didn't get any nods this year!

What's going through your mind when the show's almost over and you've nailed it?

We can't wait to read that. One last question: How will you feel if you're not asked to host the 2014 Tony Awards?


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