Spice things up with your partner


Our relationships have dips and troughs but we can always pick them up!

Sometimes your sex life is going to get a little stale, that's just one of those things. It doesn't matter how hot and heavy it starts over time you cease fantasizing about your partner. That rampant rabbit sex you enjoyed becomes less rabbit like and your fantasies take on the image of someone else. When this happens you have two choices you can either write the relationship off throwing it on the scrap heap or alternatively you can try to spice things up. Consider a few options which can keep the attractions levels high and add that little bit of missing spice to a relationship thats on rocky ground.

Role Playing

By taking the time to learn what your partners into you can usually find common ground quite easily, be warned you may not be thrilled by what you find out. A few years ago I found my boyfriends porn and it turned out he had a bit of an obsession with both anal sex and some shall we say less than completely "consensual" content. I was straight with him that I wasn't game for the latter but with a little bit of lube I could get into anal. With my current partner it was a lot easier, he has a bit of a thing for glasses, I got myself a few pairs did the naughty teacher routine and found myself incredibly turned on by how aroused he got. Suffice to say I was pretty excited at the prospect of being with him and we were quickly back to having lots of rampant sex.

Toys in the Bedroom

Masturbation is often considered something of a dirty word, for reasons I'll never entirely understand a womans orgasm is deemed something dirty and unspeakable while mens are considerably better tolerated. That being said letting your boyfriend, husband or whatever into that private little world can be quite exciting. A word to the wise if you're using a larger more powerful vibrator like the rechargeable rabbit, get a smaller one and some lube he can use. If he gets over excited it can be a bit of a challenge to get him to cool down which can lead to dryness and sensitivity down there.

Turn him into your Toy

If he's open minded consider investing in a Rampant Rabbit cock ring, it's a standard ring so it'll help him last longer enhancing both your enjoyment but more importantly it has the vibrating rabbit ears that'll drive you wild. Some guys are a bit sensitive about the prospect so explain to him that this is a little fantasy of yours and that you'd be willing to try something he's into later if you want to avoid him feeling like he's getting told off.

Introduce him into your fantasies

One of the reasons we fall for someone is that we spend so much of our time hypnotizing ourselves, saying their name again and again in our heads, thinking about them before we fall asleep. Try introducing him rather than your latest male celeb crush into your fantasy next time you have a night in with the little friend you keep in the drawer.