Facebook Event: Using Technology To Get The Love You Want

woman staring at phone

Dr. Wendy Walsh tackles all of your questions about love and technology on 6/10 on Facebook.

How many times have you thought, "Why does he keep texting me but won't ask me out on date?" Or how about, "Why did he just 'like' his ex-girlfriend's photo?" Or the classic "Who's that girl he just re-tweeted?"

Enter Dr. Wendy Walsh, who explains in her book The 30-Day Love Detox that some people "get lost in a fantasy world of digital relationships that produce real emotions but no real boyfriends." Sound familiar?

Technology certainly isn't going away; in fact our methods of digitally connecting are only increasing (did somebody say SnapChat?). So how can you use email, texting, social media and even your online dating profiles to find the love you want?

Join our Facebook Event with Dr. Wendy Walsh: How To Use Technology To Get The Love You Want, on June 10th. We'll chat about how to use Facebook, smartphones, dating sites and more (plus, how not to use them) to get the love you deserve. Come share your stories and ask Dr. Walsh anything! 

Here are the details:

What: During the two hour-long Facebook event, Dr. Walsh will answer all of your questions about having relationships in the digital age, whether you want to bring your crush closer or have a healthier relationship with your partner. We invite you to come voice your opinions, share your stories and find out how to change your tech habits.

When: Monday, June 10 from 11AM — 1PM ET

Where: Facebook

Who: YourTango and Dr. Wendy Walsh will be hosting the party.

How: When the party starts, we'll create Facebook post where Dr. Walsh can provide answers to your questions. We invite fans to weigh in on the topics on the thread.

See you Monday 6/10!