infedelity and how to survive from it


Husband who cheated

Hi, I am going through a hard time with this infedelity right now, I found out just 4 days ago my husband had betrayed me. And i find it so hard to deal with this, and he never confess to me, well he didn't say anything at all, he just stared at me, watching me hurt, crying so bad, and i kept asking him, why? How can this happen? But he never said a word about it, all he said was "where's my necklace( his moms necklace which he put around my neck when his mom passed) I gave it to him. I said is that all you can say I am asking why? Then he said he's going to his friends house, I said OK, ya leave because I can't stand looking at your face anymore because you make me sick where I feel like throwing up right now. And I kept telling him to leave because he looks so discussting to me. I was so so hurt and felt so betrayed from this man that I just couldn't look at his face I just couldn't stand him, all I felt was so much hate for him. After all I've done for him and how me and my kids took so good care of him when he was always in and out of that hospital. How I always took care of all his medications, everything for this man, four days before I found out about his cheating we were talking about how we should take care of problems we were having which was arguments . But actually if he came home and not stay out all night without letting me know where his abouts then we wouldn't be arguing. I mean people argue for reasons not only cause they want to. See all the signs I've read about if a man was cheating, the signs all fit him, he treated me so cold everyday and I ask myself
what did I do wrong? I was hurting so bad and asked myself everyday for three months when he started his affair, what did I do for him to hate me, not come home, don't answer my calls, and these things happen for three months I waited up when he didn't come home, I go to work then I come home and he's still not home. then one day I was fed up, I said we need to talk, he says drama s*** again, I said Richard we need to talk this is our marriage were talking about, I said if you have anything for me then say so, that way we sit and compromise here and fix it now, or do you even have anything for me, his reply was: okay I don't want this marriage anymore, I want to be single, and i want you to leave. That made me so hurt inside to hear him say that, so I pack my things, then the next day we sat calmly and I asked if I can have another chance to repair this, I said I am so sorry if i hurt you in any way, and that yes you were right these arguments need to stop. I know we can do this cause our marriage is worth saving, and a big mistake if we let it go. So i said but first you need to put me back into your heart and life then I can work on my power to change. he says OK, so i said I'll give u time to do that and let me know what you decide. three days later I found out about his cheating. I left the next day, I quit my job because of no transportation my friends are supporting me with financial needs, he took everything , I didn't want to fight about it cause I know it was a waste of time cause he will not let me have anything. its Been 5 days and i was wondering would he ever call me or how long does a cheater call
their wife's or if they even do. I just wanted to know, if he would even call. The taught keep going in circles in my head, sometimes I feel my head is over loaded and will explode, does a cheater ever go back to his wife or stay with the other woman. Do you think he would even call me, and if not how can I get over this man quickly cause it hurts too much, I need an advice please....appreciate this

and believe me how sorry I am and if you can take me back into our life and your heart, then I will do tis power to change cause this marriage is worth saving. So he said okay I will let you know. But then 3 days later I found out about the affair. I confronted him, I moved out he kept everything, my friends are supporting me now with shelter and financial needs. I have no transportation so i had to quit my job.its been 5 days and haven't heard from him. I wanna ask, so does it mean he will never come back to me or even call me, I'm sitting here everyday wondering if that will ever happen so I found this website and maybe if I PST this somebody would give me some advice. I love my husband, and