Facebook and your Ex


Facebook is, for many of us, a part of our everyday lives. We tend to check it in the morning when we start work, again at lunch time, and some of even spend a few minutes checking it last thing at night. I happen to be a big fan of Facebook as it allows me to keep connected to my friends who live on the other side of the world; however I do think it should be handled with care in certain circumstances.

As I mentioned above; Facebook is fantastic for keeping up with your friends and family, especially those who do not live down the street from you. Before Facebook arrived it was very difficult to maintain a relationship with someone who you didn’t see very often, unless you spent ages calling or texting them. With Facebook all you need to do is take a look at your timeline, or click on their profiles to see what they’ve been up to. But what happens when a romantic relationship breaks down? Should you stay friends on Facebook, or should you block them from viewing your profile (and from you viewing theirs)?

My advice would be to think about how you broke up. Was it amicable, or are you both extremely hurt? If your break up was a mutual decision and both of you have accepted that it’s over then by all means stay friends, however if you’re hurting then it’s best to sever all ties. Take a look below at the plus points for removing your ex from your Facebook account.

You will heal more easily and more quickly – if you’re constantly bombarded by photos and updates which tell you that your ex-lover is living the high life you are very likely to feel hurt by this. Do yourself a favour and block their updates, and DO NOT check their profile page. Constantly reminding yourself about the relationship you left behind will only serve to extend your misery.

You will be more open to a new relationship – if you still have easy access to all aspects of your exes’ life you will find it more difficult to put your failed relationship behind you in order to move on. Close the door on that chapter of your life and believe that something better will soon come along.

You will find you have more time to concentrate on yourself – if you’re not constantly checking for a new update on your exes’ profile you will have far more time to work on healing your heart. Distract yourself from checking their profile by doing something for yourself, or better yet; block them!