Throwback Thursday: Meet Candace Cameron Bure's Hubby & Kids

Love & Family: 'Full House's' Candace Cameron Bure's Hubby & Kids

Little DJ Tanner is all grown up and back on the small screen!

You probably best remember Candace Cameron Bure as the oldest Tanner sibling and Kimmy Gibbler's No. 1 sidekick.

But today the former child star is 37 with a family of her own. "Next year, I’ll have two kids in junior high school and one in high school. I feel too young to have kids that old, but I do!" she says about life with Natasha, almost 15, Lev, 13, and Maksim, 11, her children with husband Valeri Bure. SEE THE PICTURE: CANDACE CAMERON BURE'S FAMILY PHOTO

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