How To Get Your Orgasm Back (And Have It Be Better Than Ever)

how to have an orgasm

We dish on the secrets to your best orgasm yet!

Use the winning move.
Cool fact: Orgasms are a series of involuntary genital-area contractions — and you can help bring them on by tensing those muscles when your finish is close. As you feel yourself getting there, try to squeeze and release quickly a few times, so it feels kind of like rapid pulsing. "Tensing your pelvic muscles stimulates the genitals, which will boost your excitement level so that you're even more likely to climax," says Rachael Ross, M.D., a clinical sexologist in Gary, Indiana. Another benefit: The contractions clue your guy into the fact that you're almost there (he can feel those telltale spasms), so he'll be less likely to switch things up last-minute and you can finally, totally let gooo.

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