Don't Lose Your Heart In San Francisco


Beware Bay Area singles as Kathryn Alice brings her soulmate workshop to town.

The lazy person's roadmap to soulmate love is coming to San Francisco. Thanks to Kathryn Alice, singles in San Francisco have the chance to breakthrough their supposed limits to their soulmate on May 31. My advice: skip it. Alice is offering a 30 minute private session for attendees but seriously .... skip it. Alice's programs lack a foundation of intellect, logic, sound thinking, and reality. I'm all for intuition and being open to surprise and removing limitations but I believe holding on to our hard earned time and money is more important. Alice has yet to prove that she has united 100,000 soulmates through her method while the likes of Debi Berndt and Matthew Hussey can.

Kathryn Alice's books and teleseminars are full of contradictions. She doesn't even sell her book "Love Will Find You" on her own website. Her Love Silver Club is no longer open to membership because a few reviews on Amazon said that the club contradicts the book. Even more disturbing about Alice is that she dissuades people from finding complementary work that could actually help them achieve their love goals. In this is her unprofessionalism apparent.

Alice called "Get the Guy", Matthew Hussey's program, as one that operates on the "animal level" of attraction when it is nothing of the sort. Hussey has packaged a system that utilizes body language and communication styles to set a woman up for success when dealing with the male mind. Furthermore, Hussey is one of the rare love coaches who actually respects women. It's evident for anyone who has attended his live events.

Another love coach who has helped people find their number one has also been criticized by Alice in her attempts to be top dog in the soulmate attraction market. Alice has called Katherine Woodward Thomas of "Calling In The One", as someone who doesn't walk her talk because her system is based on a relationship that is already gone. Alice said this numerous times on her various love club teleseminars which potentially impacted the business of her competitor. So far, it appears that Woodward Thomas has not engaged in the same kind of slander towards Alice or others in the same market.

Finally, after enrolling in Debi Berndt's Engaged In A Year program, it is clear to me that Berndt and Hussey are the real deal. Why? Neither resort to slamming the competition. They may not agree with certain methods but their emphasis is teaching the best of what they have to offer. Berndt and Hussey have emphasized creating a high value life and being one's own source of happy, and in that, attracting someone on one's level. Not only is this a grounded approach it also makes the most sense.

Love is verb, so I've heard, which means actions speak louder than words. If the actions of a love coach is prone to deceptive contradiction, put downs of others who threaten her market share, and random acts of calling single people lazy, how loving is that? In Alice's own words one attracts who they are "vibrating" at, would you want to be in a room full of people in San Francisco who resonate with Alice's true colors of green with envy and jealousy? If you truly desire love, then the answer should be no.