Tips For Grandpa: Simple Ways to Rekindle the Love with Grandma


“Nothing lasts forever” according to a saying. Let’s prove it wrong!

At the early stage of married life, couples are often too sweet and loving to each other. Some are even too showy. But as time passes by, it is usually a challenge to keep the fire burning and love alive. Maintaining the heat of the relationship becomes a quest. By the time you reach the golden age, you’re lucky if you and your better-half still show great affection like it was just yesterday.

Have you reached this age? Well then, it’s never too late to rekindle the love with your better-half. For the grandfathers out there, here are quick tips on how to anew your relationship with your ever dearest partner, whom we refer as grandmas.

  • Hold her Hand While Walking - Sounds corny? Back in time, I bet you can never let go of her hand while you are walking side-by-side. So what’s the difference now? Well aside from the fact that holding her hands can give her support (and avoid tripping), grabbing her hand and gripping it shows how much you care for her.
  • Hug her for No Reason - Hugging someone doesn’t really need a reason. When you give grandma a hug, it is like letting her feel the warm of your love. Sometimes a hug implies that you will always stay by her side no matter what. A huge can also suggest security - you will always protect her. Go on, hug her for no reason.
  • Always Listen - By this time, chances are, your children have grown up and have their own family. This means no other people are with you in the house. Lend an ear to whatever grandma says. If she talks about politics, listen carefully or you can give your opinion. Sometimes, grandma loves to talk about the new neighbor. Just listen. Communication is a vital ingredient in a successful relationship.
  • Reminisce the Past - Grab two cups of tea and bring grandma to the veranda. Try to reminisce the past. Talk about how you first met, how your love story all began and what qualities attracts you the most. Remembering details from the past is surefire a perfect means to rekindle the love. It only shows how special she is.

Bring back the warmth of love in your relationship with these simple tips. Remember aging should never be a reason to lose that spark. Simple as they seem; but, grandma’s heart will surely melt when you follow these tips.