'The Hangover Part III' Wolfpack's Guide To Bachelorette Parties!

'The Hangover Part III' Wolfpack's Guide To Bachelorette Parties!

Get 'The Hangover Part III' Wolfpack's tips for a bomb bachelorette party—in GIFs!

The Hangover 3 is hitting theaters with premarital aplomb this weekend, and let's be real: The Wolfpack knows how to throw a bachelor party. But why should their debauchery be limited to males? From penis straws to strippers, everyone knows girls can get down, too. Celebrate the Galifianakis gang's last hurrah with their guide to bachelorette parties!


Wearing heels for your last night as a single gal? May want to break them in first. Let Zach demonstrate how:

What to tell your parents, coworkers and maybe even your guy before you head out:


Off to the male revue! Get it, girls.


When you see the real-life equivalent of Magic Mike shaking his crotch in your face, you may be tempted to ask him this:


Just remember: You're getting married, so saying stuff like this is probably a bad idea: 


If you feel tempted, get a sober friend to get you and your ladies the heck outta there.


If anyone dares try to document your weekend:


And when people ask about your bachelorette party once it's over, be honest--but vague.

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