Looking For Love? It Might Be On This Singles-Only Commuter Train

commuter train

Your morning commute just got a lot more exciting

Searching for your soulmate? Online dating, speed dating, blind dates — there's plenty of ways to meet potential partners out there but here's one we didn't see coming.

You may want to quit dozing off during your morning commute from now on. Ropid, Prague's public transport company, created a "love train" for singles only.

Ropid spokesperson Filip Drapal told Huffington Post Weird News, "This idea is just part of a new long-term campaign whose aim is to show what activities can you do in public transport that you cannot do inside your car (like reading, studying, listening to music, playing e-games and checking emails)."

Time to take your earbuds out and start mingling. Who knows, you may fall in love one morning even before work starts.

All aboard the love train!

Watch the video to learn more about the love train at Huffington Post Weird News: Prague 'Love Train' May Open End Of 2013 (VIDEO)

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