Love Bytes: If His Parents Hate You, Should You Leave Him?


Plus, 5 dangerous sex positions and how to do them.

It may make sense for you to seriously consider pulling the plug if his parents think you're awful. Stop being so selfish, you're unlikely to be married more than 80-90 years. Every man's dream is to have his mother and wife CONSTANTLY fight over him. (The Stir)

I guess I'm a Borg man myself. Which Star Trek race do you date like? (The Frisky)

Which celebrity would America most want to meet on a dating site? It won't surprise you. (The Daily Beast)

12 signs you're dating a financial time bomb. (eHarmony)

Is this guy your soulmate or not? (College Candy)

Does he just want sex or is he into you the rest of your mind and body? (A New Mode)

Did you know that the Navy gave sailors advice on how to pick up women? Seaman. (The Gloss)

The Mayan Pyramid? Played out. These are the 5 most dangerous sex positions (and how to do them). (Ranker)

Guys (and ladies), these are 15 signs the gal in your life may eventually super-glue your butt closed in the middle of the night. (Madame Noire)

Your legs must be super tired, cuz you've been reading these bad 21 pickup lines all day. (The Berry)

What happens when you want to be exclusive and your not-partner isn't interested? (Bad Online Dates)

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