Vintage Guitars – Must Know Evolution for Guitar Junkies and Fana


Guitars are essential elements of the music industry. Music will never be the same without this vital instrument that has made history then and now. You have also known guitarists and protégés making it big in the world of music with their amazing and mesmerizing talents. Then and now, guitars have shaped the face of the music realm. Hence, it is only fitting to know some of the best vintage guitars and their individual attributes and features.

Fender Vintage Guitars
This is one of the most trusted, tested and proven brands of high quality and top of the line guitars. Here are some of the well-known Fender brands and models for all types of guitar buffs.

1956 StringMaster ’55 Stratocaster Pot Guitar
This 4 quad neck steel guitar is a masterpiece from Fender. The 1956 original version has high quality body with hard shell tweed case for better sound quality and longer legs. Its body maintenance still makes it possible to produce high quality music and sound after decades.

1958 Stratocaster Sunburst
This original Fender Stratocaster guitar boasts of its pristine Sunburst finish. This is one of the vintage guitars pieces that is an uncirculated version and takes pride in its tremolo arm and durable hard shell case made from original tweed materials.

1962 3-Tone Stratocaster
This is a remarkable piece with high quality aesthetics shown in its 3-tone sunburst finish. The durable body showcases its hard shell case with outstanding features, such as the case key and envelope, tremolo cover and tremolo arm, and the guitar cable. It has top of the line features from the solder joints to its high quality sound. The dimensions for this piece are 6.28 for the neck pickup, 6.39 for the bridge pickup and the middle pickup at 6.81. It is easy and comfortable to carry around at 7 lbs. and 13 oz.

Gibson Vintage Guitars
Another trusted name in the guitar arena is Gibson with some of the vintage and original pieces still available for guitar lovers and junkies.

1950s String Ultratone
This high end original 1952-1955 piece is a rare find for Gibson guitar lovers. As one of the most durable vintage guitars today, the piece shows off its ivory top blended with the Honduras mahogany body or hard shell case. It has seven strings with combined steel materials to ensure longstanding use and high quality sounds.

An original version of this authentic Gibson guitar showcases a sunburst finish in brilliant palette and texture. It boasts of its great frets and top quality playing neck. The original version has durable hard shell cover and authentic alligator case. Sounds are great, especially with its state of the art construction.

1965 Firebird III
Guitar enthusiasts for authentic Gibson vintage guitars would surely revel in this original masterpiece. It has sunburst finish with non-reverse features, great frets and playing neck. The durable hard shell cover is guaranteed long lasting with its structurally sound and top quality construction.

Rickenbacker Vintage Guitars
The widest collection of retro Rickenbacker guitars would boost your guitar playing experience big time. Some of the sought after and much-coveted vintage pieces for this brand are still the pieces of world-class quality and great sounds.

This is an extremely rare version showcasing a metal gold and steel body with aesthetically attractive yet durable hard shell cover. The deluxe piece is a steel guitar complete with the gold hardware and fingerboard providing great sounds and workable electronics.

1967 Convertible FIREGLO
This is a more innovative version of the Gibson vintage guitars Fireglo series. It features the 366-12 convertible design in an eccentric and cool fireglo finish. The retro guitar has excellent sounds and longstanding construction with its steel and top quality wood hard shell cover.

Vintage guitars are unquestionably important and essential components in the music industry. They have evolved from their original and authentic forms to more innovative and state of the art versions in the contemporary world. Music enthusiasts and junkies now have the widest choices for outstanding retro guitar pieces and collections.