WWJD? What Would Jen Do?

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Smart, beautiful, and strong, Jennifer Aniston could be an inspiration for us to stay tough too!

What would Jennifer Aniston do? This is the question that I find myself unintentionally asking whenever I am faced with a dilemma or a situation where I need to make a decision. 

No, don’t get me wrong, I don’t see her as a goddess, nor am I her biggest fan. Okay, so maybe I have seen 80% of all her movies and TV appearances, from her unconvincing acting in the Leprechaun to the role that really made her a star in Friends and to the more than a dozen movies—flap or not—that followed thereafter. But, I have what I consider some logical reasons why I look up to her as a role model in one way or another.

Never mind the fact that she’s a good actress, rich, and beautiful. Not every one of us gets the chance to be all that. What I admire about her are her features that any woman can also adopt if they are just willing enough.

Here are 6 reasons why I think Jen could qualify as any woman’s guiding light:

She’s happy - At least that’s how she’s always seen on screen and we don’t care if it’s just a mask because her  energy is just contagious! Her personal life had been bumpy but she’s got a way of keeping it private while still acknowledging the public’s desire of knowing how she is doing. At the end of any controversy, we still see her with a new project and with her usual million-dollar smile in the red carpet. 

She’s healthy. Tagged by some as the Queen of LBD, Jen could pretty much rock it in any little black dress or any outfits for that matter. She’s an epitome of someone who has aged gracefully. It’s evident in her body and attitude that she’s disciplined enough to stay healthy. This should be a lesson to women that age should never hinder us from loving and taking care of our bodies.

She doesn’t mind looking comical. Ask any man who likes Jen and you’ll see that one of the reasons why she’s so hot is because she's also funny. Sexy is not only about of physical appearance, it also speaks about personality, something Jen definitely has—and a strong one at that. Not being afraid to be hilarious and sometimes look crazy makes any woman even more beautiful.

She’s been heartbroken. You’d think that somebody as pretty as Jennifer Aniston would never have a man break her heart. But she proved to be human just like any of us when the whole world witness how America’s sweetheart had her heart crushed after her marriage to Brad Pitt fell apart. I don’t know about you, but knowing that this kind of pain strikes at anyone and is not impartial regardless of our looks give so much consolation to me.

She falls in love.  While some people still think that she’s not over her biggest heartbreak and everything she’s doing today is part of her grand plan to seek revenge on Brangelina, I’d say the girl has well recovered. We have seen her dating without rushing, and now that she thinks she has found her soulmate in Justin Theroux, she’s determined to enter marriage again. Recently, she made headlines for declining to sign a prenuptial agreement, saying that she’s betting on love instead of money. This is a bold move that many of us will learn from, hopefully it’s a lesson about love and not regret.

She has managed to stay strong. Through the storms that Jennifer Aniston went through, we still see her standing strong, beautiful, and successful in her career. Whether it’s an extremely good PR tech agency  that is behind this actress or it’s simply her innate capacity to be tough, her journey will tell us of many things. Just like any woman must, she has managed to handle the impediments gracefully, a proof that if she can do it, so can we.

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