Love Bytes: The 12 Biggest Relationship Mistakes Women Make

she's making a relationship mistake

Plus, friends with benefits might not be ideal for guys either.

Whaaa? Women can make mistakes in relationships? Well, I suppose I've heard everything. Anywhom, these are the 12 most common mistakes women make to submarine their relationships. Having sex with his friends and telling him about it because he forgot your birthday was a CLOSE #13. (A New Mode)

What to expect with hate sex. Step 1: the realization that you are in for a real treat. (Bro Bible)

12 things to keep in mind when dating a musician. Playing "Hot Cross Buns" on a recorder hardly a musician makes. (The Frisky)

Buy war bonds! What dating was like in the 1940's. You gotta bet 24-year-old guys with clubbed feet were CLEANING UP. (The Gloss)

Do NOT gaslight him... tips on how you should handle a jealous boyfriend. (A New Mode)

5 reasons to stop dating your type … other than your "type" being abusive, latent homosexuals with severe Oedipal complexes. (The Stir)

Husband, angry with his wife's picnic presumptiveness, blew up his their marital home. (Huffington Post)

10 things bridesmaids do that drive the bride absolutely batty. (TresSugar)

How do real guys deal with real breakups? (A New Mode)

5 sex myths you probably believe because they seem plausible. (TruTV)

Sometimes friends with benefits can go seriously sideways for bros too. (Good Men Project)

These are the only two ways your young daughters could possibly react to news of an inbound baby brother or sister. (Huffington Post)

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