Limitless Love: A Mother Of Eleven Tells Her Extraordinary Tale

Michaela DePrince and Elaine DePrince
Self, Family

This Mother's Day, we honor a mom whose capacity for love is off the charts.

Today, the family — minus those who have left the nest — live in a New York City apartment. How do they do it, or even more to the point, how do they afford to do it? Well, they work. Elaine is a prolific writer who works on several books at a time. Her first published work, Cry Bloody Murder – A Tale of Tainted Blood, has opened the doors to new opportunities, and at the moment both Elaine and Michaela have been working on Michaela’s memoirs. Of course the DePrinces’ retirement fund isn’t what it used to be either. But, as Elaine believes, if you can earn the money when you're in the city, it balances out in the long run.

When I asked Elaine what her deepest wish for her children is, she told me that she wishes happiness for them, more than anything. For this woman who sees light, life and possibility in all of her beautiful, black, white, deaf, cognitively impaired, Hispanic, talented, heroic, and most of all, inspirational children — Elaine, your motherhood is to be praised and respected.

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