How to choose a gold necklace?


Jewelry dazzle with its variety on the shelves of jewelry stores. Gold necklace are one of the few that like both men and women both young girls and men in old age, and among this diversity is not surprising and get lost and do not buy something that requires a soul instead of gold can be a cheap alloy and plexus crawl after a month of purchase. Gold has always been in fashion, and its products are suitable for any outfit and decorate its delicacy and elegance.

Its functionality will satisfy the requirements of any fashions, the Gold Plated Monogram Necklaces can be worn around the neck to ankles, feet, wrists, and you can use the pendants, which bring along their own charm. The beauty of the product attracts mostly women, which is, of course, highlights the gentle femininity. Men prefer to wear a massive chain that emphasizes their majesty, the social status of their strength and courage. Do not pay attention to the variety of tangles in the necklace is simply not possible, a combination of different colors of gold, gold combination with other materials such as leather, silver. And if you wonder what to give your wife or girlfriend, husband or wife, each of us was thinking, and whether to buy a gold chain, which will please the owner for many years. What would purchase pleased, and did not spoil your mood. You need to know some rules, which will be discussed further.

The proof

Before such an important and costly purchase you should first note sample made of Gold Plated Monogram Necklaces because gold can be as yellow and white, and red, so the same product may be combined with silver or platinum. The most expensive gold jewelry is 925. It is worth mentioning also that new innovations have enabled the manufacturer with technology radiation made of silver chain did not distinguish from white gold.
Gold jewelry can also be 585 or 750, and the ornaments with a sample of 750, very expensive.

Gold color

As previously mentioned gold items can be yellow, white and red, can be combined with each other, but then it is worth considering for a chain of red and yellow gold pendant worth of gold to purchase only the same colors as for the chain of white gold pendants fit any hue.

The weight and size

The weight and size when choosing a gold chain is not unimportant, it is necessary to take into account that massive chain fit is not for everyone, such products are best to buy a complete women and men on a slender young girl such a chain would look ridiculous at a minimum, short chains emphasize the holders of age, will be noticeable wrinkles.


Before you have decide to buy a chain whether it is worn alone or in combination with the suspension. If you are planning to wear a chain with a cross, the Chain can choose a simple and uncommon, the chain for the child also does not require a complex weave, because kids do not differ in accuracy wear jewelry, in all other cases, choose as your heart tells you. Whether any decoration chain, ring, brooch, bracelet, should please its owner.

A few important tips for last

When you purchase products in the same note, how reliable locking, most often, the more expensive a product is, the more reliable is to be lock.
Treat buying gold jewelry is very seriously and do not believe that gold can be cheap if it's cheap, then look for the catch.

The catch may be as exaggerated gold with lots of voids that can not be repaired, they just melt as well such products are very susceptible to deformation, and lose its shape. Also in gold and various alloys are added as a result of the quality of gold drops significantly, but at first glance to distinguish the fake is not so easy.

In conclusion, I would like to ask to pay attention to domestic producers, mostly Russian manufacturer of the product more efficiently, though more expensive. And do not forget to take care of their ornaments, and they will serve you faithfully, decorating and making you more elegant and charming.