Why Is He Sending Mixed Signals? Ask Charles J. Orlando Anything!

charles j. orlando

Our YourTango expert tackles all of your burning questions about men on 5/15 on Facebook.

Men can be confusing creatures. We've all had our fair share of encounters to understand this since our first crush ignored us in the sandbox. Thankfully, Charles J. Orlando, relationship coach and author of The Problem with Women… is Men is on a mission to help women regain their sanity and self-esteem — and to empower men to raise the bar. (That means no more mixed messages and passive aggressive behavior.)

With articles like 10 Tell-Tale Signs That He's Cheating and Why Women Get Played By The Men They Date, Charles, a former womanizer, has a lot of great insight on men's behavior — and he's here to help you.

We invite you to pick his brain about all-things dating and relationship-related. Want to know who you should be dating? What he's afraid of? How to make your relationship better?

Post a comment below with your question and he'll answer it during his Facebook takeover on May 15. 

Here are the details:

What: During the hour-long Facebook chat, Charles will answer all of your dating and relationship questions. Just post yours in the comments below. We invite you to come voice your opinions and share your stories.

When: Wednesday, May 15th from 1PM - 2PM ET

Where: Facebook

Who: YourTango and Charles J. Orlando will be hosting the party.

How: When the party starts, we'll create Facebook post and Charles will provide answers to your questions. We invite fans to weigh in on the topics on the thread.

So, what burning questions do you have? Let us know in the comments or tell us on Facebook.

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