Making Your Wife Love You Again By Starting Over


Sometimes husbands just need to hit the restart button to get their wives to love them again.

Do you want to learn how to make your wife love you again? Starting over is a great way to do it, because some husbands have forgotten how their relationships were before they got married. Do you remember all of the dates you went on as boyfriend and girlfriend and even after you got engaged. You spent all of that time trying to capture her heart so that she would fall in love with you. After getting married you may have subconsciously felt like you reached the finish line and none of those things were necessary anymore. This is one cause that makes wives stop loving their husbands as much as they used to. If you want to make your wife love you again then it is necessary for you to go back and start over again.

In the beginning of your relationship with your wife you probably used to spend a good deal of time flirting with her and giving her compliments. Do you still do that? Wives need to know that they are special to their husbands and when those compliments and innocent flirts go away, they lose that feeling that they are special.

It is important that you never stop trying to capture your wife's heart if you want her to keep loving you. This is not to say that you are going to have to flirt with her every second of the day in order to keep her love, but making her feel special will go a long way to making her love you.

Were there things that you used to do for your wife that you find yourself no longer doing? Things like giving her massages, taking her on dates, and helping her with the household chores are things that are often forgotten once you get married. You start looking at all of these things as things that couples do when they date, or you start looking at house work as a wife's responsibility.

Making your wife carry a heavy load between working and taking care of the house can cause her to resent you. If you feel like this is an area that you are lacking in, then it is advisable that you start helping pick up the slack. The less stress your wife is under, the more she will love you for it.

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