Four Sex Toys That You Can Use With Your Partner


Here are four of our favorites below:-

Looking for a new sex toy to surprise your partner with? Here are four of our favorites below, guaranteed to be a hit for injecting some passion into your private time!

We-Vibe 2 Rechargeable Couples Vibrator
This is a unique sex toy for couples that are worn during lovemaking. It is made from high-quality medical-grade silicone and is entirely waterproof, with rechargeable batteries and its own charger. There are nine operational modes and it offers a highly flexible - and pleasurable - addition to your love making. In fact, it has been voted as a winner in various sex toy awards and offers excellent stimulation of the g-spot and clitoris, with real flexibility of use. It’s a top selling product for each sex store in the UK today.

4Play Mini Couples Kit
Enjoy some cheeky fun with this 4Play couples mini kit, which is finished in chrome and includes a multi-speed vibrator with a powerful kick! Mix it up with the soft-silicone finish sleeve which provides advanced clitoral stimulation, or experiment with the noduled sleeves on your partner! There is also a finger sleeve for a more manual thrill - the choice is entirely up to you!

Erotic Fiction
Although technically not a ‘toy’, erotic fiction can hugely stimulate couples in a slightly different way to watching erotic films together and the sound of your partner reading the naughty parts will really make you tingle! Books such as the popular ’50 Shades of Grey’ have really seen this type of novel take off in recent times.

Take it in turns and enjoy the inspiration - perhaps you will want to re-enact some of the scenes yourself? Alternatively, take a cheeky read on your own when you are mentally preparing for an evening of intimate time together - just to start feeling in the mood! Remember, the most erogenous zone that you possess is your brain and imagination!

Tease Couples and groups board game
This is a very popular product with couples and liberated groups. It combines classic drinking games - naturally - with a range of titillating and sexy features, such as lap-dance, massage and hot fantasies. Designed in the vintage pin-up style, this game allows you to warm up with different levels of rewards... and forfeits! It will allow you to remove both inhibitions and clothes as you move around the board! It is a very flexible game that is suitable for couples to play in private, or for bold groups to have fun with together and the forfeits and themes can be tailored according to the audience.

Go on; inject some spice and passion into your usual routine - your partner will thank you for taking the initiative!

Suzan Smith writes regularly for a range of magazines and relationship blogs and has worked for many years at a sex store in the UK. She believes that variety truly is the spice of a good relationship, along with humor and excellent communication.